Beware of the college grad cad!


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One of the colleges I went to - the OPPOSITE occurred. The campus always talked about "the ratio". The percentage of women on campus, and the number of men for every woman. It varied to 5 to 1 to 7 to 1 (men to women), assuming that men and women often dated within their age group.

EASILY the opposite happened. Women could end the relationship on a whim, because there were lots of them waiting in the wings.

Now - this was a school full of nerds - engineers and scientists. Lots of the guys - and girls - wouldn't be at the top of anyone's list. A few - WERE. Occasionally this worked to the men's advantage, because at least THERE, few things were more sexy and attractive than a brawny athlete with both the physique and brain of a god.

Generally, this led to upperclassmen going off campus to meet women. And a reversal of the syndrome often happened.

Then graduation happens, and everyone returns to the real world. It can be very difficult, after four years of men lining up outside your door to find that no one's calling, and your personal skills are way too poor to be able to interact like a grown up.

I left half-way through. Thank God. I began to believe I was so repulsive, I should give up on dating. I remember my first shock on my new campus, when I looked over my shoulder at a hot girl who'd passed me, only to see her looking back and smiling.