Beyonce is an overrated narcissist who is a mediocre singer at best.


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I never understood the attraction to Beyonce. She's more of a PR creation than a real talent.

At some point she'll be found dead in a bathtub covered in her own puke.


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I wouldn't know Cardi B if I fell over her - can't even name a song by her. She's not the one that does that toss my hair back check my nails song is she? That song irritates the crap out of me.
No that's Lizzo.

Cardi did the song with Bruno Mars. Literally her only song remotely worth listening to.


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If you were a successful music artist from the 50s and early 60s - you just needed a catchy tune.
If you were one from the mid-60s to the very early 80s - you needed to be able to write a good song but you usually didn't need a great voice.
There were of course exceptions - Freddy Mercury of course, who I still think had the best voice in the modern rock era - but you didn't have to sing great to be a success. James Taylor had a mediocre voice but wrote and played his own stuff - Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen - they can barely sing, but they're otherwise talented.

By the time the late 80s and 90s hit, unless you were a local phenomenon, your success is largely created. We've had people with truly unbelievable singing talent - Whitney Houston e.g. - but they're creations. They're crafted for your entertainment.

Beyonce was created - Destiny's Child was MADE.

Nowadays with the advent of YouTubers, people with zero talent can spring into fame - although I've always been amused by the fact that with so many reality singing competitions, so very few of them have achieved notoriety. Please - there have been a few. But only a few. Thousands have crossed our screens.