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The Fed's will start doing NCIS Checks for all raw material purchases .... especially Aluminum

Close the Ghost Gun Loop Hole for Raw Materials


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Far Left Forces Biden to Cave on a Trump Immigration Initiative, Which Only Shows It Was a Good Policy

Even though he’s out of office, Donald Trump is still stacking wins. This week, it was on immigration albeit for a hot second. It may be more of a moral victory, but before a leftist temper tantrum—Joe Biden was set to keep the Trump administration’s cap on refugees in place. It only shows that there were many policies deemed to be Lucifer in the flesh by the liberal media that were actually good and sensible. This is yet another one. What caused the initial hesitancy to raise the limit? Well, it was the ongoing border crisis, which the administration is starting to see as a disaster situation of their own doing (via NYT):



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Joe Biden a No-Show to Greet Japanese PM—and the Preview of a President Harris Is Awful

Harris is either unprepared or just terrible at extemporaneous speaking. Or it could be a combination. In any case, it is cringeworthy to think she is a heartbeat away from the presidency. At her level, she should be capable of seamlessly stepping in to greet an ally in a polished and appropriate manner. Instead, she showed herself halting and grasping for words.

It also appears Harris continued to conduct the tour after the formal greeting.



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Fauci Admits Biden Administration Is NOT Following Their Own COVID-19 Guidelines at Border

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) got a stunning admission from Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, on Thursday, by showing him photos of the crowded conditions at the southern border taken during his recent trip there, and asking if they were following the Biden administration’s own COVID-19 guidelines.

“Dr. Fauci, does this look like social distancing to you—that you require when you talk about six feet?” Scalise asked, holding up photos from one of the Biden administration’s border facilities.

“No,” Fauci replied.

“So in these cells, as you just said, they’re violating the very guidance that you tell Americans to follow. A restaurant in the United States would be shut down today if they were being run like this. Yet, the federal government—the Biden administration—is running this facility. You can see all of these young children who are next to each other, six inches apart, many without masks, by the way. Does that follow your guidance that you’ve issued?”

“No,” Fauci admitted again.

“Well, then why wouldn’t the Biden administration not go and stop this? I think one of the reasons is that President Biden and Vice President Harris won’t even go see this for themselves. This is why I keep urging strongly that they go to the border. I’d love for you all to go to the border to see this so you can at least give a recommendation. They’re violating every guidance that Americans are required to follow.”


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Executive Order Canceling the Constitution

On April 15, Preident Biden signed an Executive Order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation. Contrary to its title, this EO is not about Russia. It is designed to allow the Biden administration to deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government.


Over the past four years, the Democrat Party, Fake News, and Big Tech have been frequently portraying their opponents as Russian trolls or Russian misinformation operators. The Russian collusion narrative, initially invented to overthrow the Trump administration, has been used to smear many conservative movements. Now this effort has been crowned by an Executive Order.

Biden’s administration has been recently pushing so many other radical changes, such as packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the filibuster, restricting Second Amendment rights, etc., that the real ramifications of this new EO went completely unnoticed. In my opinion, this EO is the most dangerous of them all. It allows the Biden regime to eliminate its opposition, quickly and quietly.


Section 1 of the EO enumerates prohibited activities and defines guilty persons as those “determined” by the Secretary of Treasury and/or Secretary of State in consultation with the Attorney General to be:

(a)(ii) responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged or attempted to engage in, any of the following for or on behalf of, or for the benefit of, directly or indirectly, the Government of the Russian Federation:
(A) malicious cyber-enabled activities;
(B) interference in a United States or other foreign government election;
(C) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in the United States or abroad;
(D) transnational corruption;


The Biden administration is also free to interpret what constitutes “interests of the Russian Government.” Such broad and vague language allows the Biden regime to select US citizens and political organizations arbitrarily, and then deprive them of their property and rights without anything reminiscent of due process. The EO does not even require that anybody commit an actual crime somewhere. False cyber-attribution or fake bounty claims are sufficient. Biden’s remarks to the EO showed no regard to the culpability of any targeted US citizens or other persons.

Leftist pseudo-elites have been eager to ban speech based on allegations that such speech may be beneficial to Russia. Such ideation has been present among Big Tech influencers for a long time. This EO effectively gives Big Tech, banks, and credit card companies a new pretext to deplatform conservatives and anyone else who opposes the Biden regime by claiming that they are now engaged in illegal activity.

Biden’s EO appears to allow the Democrat party to deny Americans the right to advocate against it in future federal elections. This might be accomplished through a “determination” that Russia is interfering in elections against democratic candidates. Thus, any US citizens who also oppose Democrats could be found to acting for Russia’s benefit, directly or indirectly.

The list of prohibited activities justifying a Biden administration “determination” to deprive American persons of their property and other rights (referred to here as a “Deprived Person”) states:

[a] (iii) to be or have been a leader, official, senior executive officer, or member of the board of directors of:
… (C) an entity whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order;

For comparison, Bush’s EO only covered the leaders of terrorist-supporting entities, not multiple officials, executives, or directors.

Unprecedently, Biden’s EO targets children and spouses:

[a] (v) to be a spouse or adult child of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to subsection (a)(ii) or (iii) of this section;

and countless associations:

[a] (vi) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:
(A) any activity described in subsection (a)(ii) of this section; or
(B) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order ...
[a] (vii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, … any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order.

Notice the infinite reach these subsections afford. Those connected to a “Deprived Person” can receive the same designation, and so on. There is no limit to the number of iterations.

“Deprived Persons” essentially become untouchables, as dealing with them in any way is expressly prohibited without additional determinations:

Sec. 2. The prohibitions in section 1 of this order include:
(a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and
(b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

Giving legal representation, hosting the website, selling food, and giving medical care to a “Deprived Person” is automatically prohibited. Section 4 prohibits transactions that “cause a violation” of this EO, even absent intent or knowledge. This serves as a hint to pre-emptively cut ties with anyone the Biden regime targets.
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This is nothing other than a lexicographic version of “papering over the cracks,” engaging in the fantasy that changing our method of describing an act changes the nature of that act. At its very core, this is a lie, and a dangerous one at that.

This linguistic tactic is part of a broader strategy to achieve ideological ends through the control of our very language. There are countless examples of this tactic, including the redefinition of racism to align with the flawed notion of intersectionality, the demand that you prove fealty by chanting “Black Lives Matter” with no regard for its underlying premises or the radical organization it supports, or the assertion that we must “Believe Women” despite the obvious fact that men and women are equally capable of duplicity.

As I noted last year, “The Left understands that achieving full control of language will open the gateway to their subsequent goal of controlling our culture. The generational removal of methods of dissent or disagreement, alongside the subjective redefinition of words for political gain, will be difficult, if not impossible, to undo. For this reason, and this reason alone, the Left focuses on speech more than anything else. ‘Speech is violence’ justifies a violent reaction to speech, until the only speech that remains is deemed politically acceptable.”



Yeah, whatever
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Regardless of what biden* does or doesn't do, the branch joebidenians will still think he's a great leader.


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Biden Moves To Force Doctors To Perform Transgender Surgeries Against Objections

As outlined by BECKET Law’s Luke Goodrich, a court in January struck down the administration’s move to punish doctors who don’t perform transgender-related procedures for supposed “sex discrimination.” Biden on Tuesday officially appealed the ruling.

“The plaintiffs are religious doctors, hospitals, and clinics who joyfully serve ALL patients regardless of sex or gender identity. They routinely provide top-notch care to transgender patients for everything from cancer to the common cold,” Goodrich outlined Tuesday. “They also provide millions of dollars in free and low-cost care to the elderly, poor, and underserved–care that is jeopardized by the government’s attempt to punish them with multi-million dollar penalties.”

Goodrich decried the Biden appeal, noting the threat to religious liberty, and to the patients seeking such procedures.

“The government’s own doctors during the Obama Admin agreed: ‘Based on a thorough review of the clinical evidence…there is not enough evidence to determine whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for [patients] with gender dysphoria,'” Goodrich cited.


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Biden Tries to Resurrect HHS Rule Forcing Catholic Doctors to Perform Transgender Surgery

On day before Joe Biden became president, a federal court in North Dakota defended Roman Catholic health care providers from an Obamacare mandate forcing doctors and nurses to perform experimental transgender surgeries that violate Roman Catholic convictions. Yet on Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) appealed that decision, seeking to enforce the transgender mandate on Catholic health care providers.

Luke Goodrich, vice president and senior counsel at the religious freedom law firm Becket, which represents the Catholic health care providers, noted the tragic irony of an administration headed by a Catholic president targeting the religious freedom of Catholic doctors.
“It is troubling that this administration is going after religious doctors, hospitals, and nuns. We saw it with the Little Sisters of the Poor, when the government tried to force them to provide contraceptives and abortifacients, and now this administration is trying to do the same thing with controversial gender transition procedures,” Goodrich told PJ Media.

“It is troubling that this administration is going after religious doctors, hospitals, and nuns. We saw it with the Little Sisters of the Poor, when the government tried to force them to provide contraceptives and abortifacients, and now this administration is trying to do the same thing with controversial gender transition procedures,” Goodrich told PJ Media.


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Why would anyone---anyone--even a crazed, mentally ill man who wants his dick cut off go to a Doctor that doesn't want to butcher him and has no experience in doing so.
To do that just shows how crazy these sock suckers are.


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Dungeons And Dragons Introduces New 100-Sided Die For Determining Your Character's Gender



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‘Moral Imperative’: Biden Announces New Emissions Target To ‘Tackle The Climate Crisis’

“The United States sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half — in half — by the end of this decade,” Biden said. “That’s where we’re headed as a nation and that’s what we can do if we take action to build an economy that’s not only more prosperous but healthier, fairer, and cleaner for the entire planet.

“You know, these steps will set America on a path of net-zero emissions economy by no later than 2050, but the truth is America represents less than 50% of the world’s emissions,” he said.

The fact sheet on Biden’s pledge released by the administration claims:

Today, President Biden will announce a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030 – building on progress to-date and by positioning American workers and industry to tackle the climate crisis.

Hey Dick Head ...... call me when China and India actually reduce their emissions ... otherwise piss off


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The End of Basic Education: Biden Issues Universal Public School Critical Race Theory Order

Under Obama, public schools were thrust into the controversial world of Common Core, a series of federal mandates that included “awareness education” involving a progressive view of race, gender, and so-called “equity” (not to be confused with “equality”).

Under Biden, a far more aggressive level of federal control over our nation’s K-12 classrooms will replace history (and objective truth) with identity politics and a warped view of American civics and institutions. In many cases, teachers are told to hide the racially divisive curriculum from parents. In others, students are encouraged to report the words and views of their parents and caretakers as examples of institutional racism. The initial goal is the indoctrination of young minds, but the long view is to aggregate power behind an alien political worldview that fed the dehumanizing machines of the Soviet Union and communist China.

At its core, critical race theory is the false idea that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that all of our nation’s institutions – the law, culture, business, economy, education – are designed to maintain white supremacy. Politicians and pundits market critical race theory as inclusive teaching, one that promotes understanding and tolerance. When the truth is exposed, they try to repackage it in a series of euphemisms, including anti-racism, equity, or culturally responsive teaching. But the “scholars,” like Ibram X. Kendi and the 1619 Project behind the related anti-racist rhetoric proposed in the rule – the true believers – admit the truth.

Critical race theory curriculum tells students that they fall into one of two categories – the oppressed or the oppressor – based solely on the color of their skin. It tells students that if they are white then they are privileged and racist, and makes them affirm this ideology through classroom discussion and assignments. Some school districts take it even a step further and physically segregate students based on their race for lessons, reducing them to nothing more than a set of racial stereotypes.


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Biden Rushes to Short-Circuit the Economic Recovery Because He Has No Choice

The more than $4 trillion he’s already sent out is just a downpayment. “Rebalancing the American economy,” as the New York Times likes to refer to Biden’s soak-the-rich plan, will cost at least double that amount in the long term. And the wrenching tax increases he needs to make it happen can only be found among the most successful Americans.
The proposal, to be announced ahead of Biden’s address to Congress next Wednesday, is an opening bid for Hill negotiations.
  • “For New Yorkers, the combined state and federal capital gains rate could be as high as 52.22%. For Californians, it could be 56.7%,” Bloomberg News reported.
  • The Dow closed down more than 300 points after the plans leaked.
Practically and politically, the White House needs buy-in from Congress to pay for social spending in the next phase of his plan to reshape the American economy, the American Families Plan.

Add to that personal and state income tax and you can see why the Dow fell so precipitously. Taxing 60 percent of someone’s wealth is not “fair” and it’s not “equitable.” It’s confiscatory and radically discriminatory. But it’s OK because the rich can “afford it.”
It’s not just capital gains that will be targeted.

Biden also is likely to raise more revenue from the wealthy by making changes to estate taxes.
Biden wants to change the so-called “stepped up basis” for accounting purposes, and value assets when they are passed on to an heir, not at their original cost.
The White House thinks that change could lead more individuals to liquidate assets before they die, allowing the IRS to tax them then instead of encouraging families to keep passing on them for more favorable tax treatment.

Those “assets” are usually the life’s work of the taxpayer. They are “passed on” in a family after the death of a small business owner. Taxing a small business out of existence is not fair or compassionate.

Once Biden’s tax plan is in place, he must hope that Kamala Harris can win in 2024 or the whole scheme could unravel. The short-term political popularity of raising taxes on the “rich” will evaporate once taxpayers realize the middle class will be next when the tax plan falls short of revenue expectations.