Biden* snubs his bastard grandchild


Yeah, whatever
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Hunter Biden’s 3-year-old daughter, Navy Jones Roberts — who was born out of wedlock to a stripper — was reportedly not included in the festive display. The family reportedly has not met the child.

The first son later took responsibility for fathering Navy following a DNA test and settled with Roberts for an undisclosed sum last year.

Hunter and his father have not seen the little girl, Roberts’ lawyer told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this spring.

who names their kid navy?


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Now they took down ALL the stockings.
What I don’t get: this is their flesh and blood, their granddaughter. Why are they pretending she doesn’t exist?

In modern society, with our “relaxed” norms and morals, wouldn’t it be better optics to invite the kid to the WH, include her in celebrations, maybe have a photo shoot of Grandpa having a tea party with the poor girl? Most normal Americans would definitely empathize with that.

Why such behavior from Jill? Is she really such a vicious, vile person?



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Removing the stockings just emphasizes the discrepancy and bad judgement. It's already been seen, can't unsee it.

The more I see about Joe and Jill, the more I have to say they are the epitome of old school elitist and racist whites. I'm embarrassed by them.


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Why such behavior from Jill? Is she really such a vicious, vile person?
I'd say any wife that knowingly allowed her dementia addled spouse to run for an office that he couldn't possibly handle is not all sunshine and lollipops. IMO, she is all bout herself, doesn't bother her a bit that the whole world is laughing at her husband, she's the First Lady!!! Cruel, vile, vicious, all of that fits her to a T.