Biden Wants a Temporary Government Takeover of the Financial Sector


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The plan is Joe Biden being Joe Biden. He has condemned Trump's response to the coronavirus crisis while simultaneously presenting Trump's actions as his own plan — fancy that! The former veep has also tapped a coronavirus health advisor who encouraged the elderly not to get flu shots — awkward! — and has stumbled through his pale imitation of Trump's Coronavirus Response Team briefings. He's spread misinformation about Trump and the WHO. But that's Joe, and Democrats love him for some reason.

In many ways, Biden has echoed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in his plans for a government takeover of everything. Sure, the ex-veep is the "moderate," so he only wants the next step toward Sanders' socialist dystopia. It's arguably Biden only beat Sanders by co-opting a great deal of Bernie's radical proposals. If you can join 'em, you'll beat 'em, or something like that.

Biden's latest "plan" sounds very Sanders-esque. Or perhaps he means to echo Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — one of the presumptive nominee's likely running mates.

"We've gotta act now to keep the doors open for small businesses on Main Street. It's simple: The government provides the guarantees; the banks have to move the loans out fast. If they won't, we need a financial version of the Defense Production Act to make it happen," the ex-veep tweeted.