Biden's Inauguration Theme will be America United.


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In keeping with the theme of unity, the committee also announced that after he is officially inaugurated, Biden, Vice President-elect Harris and their spouses will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, and will be joined there by former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and their wives. It will be one of Biden’s first acts as president, and a show of bipartisanship at a time when the national divide is on stark display.

Yeah that ought to Unite us all right.
If Biden really wants to Unite America, he better figure a way to rein in Pelosi, Schumer and that gang of reprobates & crackpots in the Congress that want to ignite a war with their retributions.

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It's not big enough. Try this one on for size. Not meant for you Jazz Lady , but it expresses how I feel about Democrats much better than that little one.
That is not an emoticon like Vrai asked for, but it is much more reflective of current sentiments of many. :lol:


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Just remember Democrats "Peaceful but Fiery" Trump-Inaugural Celebration.



Something is way off.

The inauguration practice run for Monday is cancelled due to security concerns.

Trump walked across the street without tens of thousands of military troops during a riot and held up a bible but Biden, from the defund the police party, has more security than anyone I have ever seen. The entire capital area is gated off including the Supreme Court.

Lets think about this, the only shot fired Wednesday at the Capital came from the gun of a police officer and at least 3 of the 5 total deaths were health related and the 4th was the officer. His cause of death hasn't been determined or made known yet. The officer did leave the capital area and went back to his station. He later dropped dead.

Hummm something just isn't right... something else is up...


Major DC metro stations closed - 13 total until after the 20th.
National Mall closed.
US Capitol fenced off.
20,000 PLUS National Guard troops deployed & armed.

They expect us to believe the entire city of Washington DC has been shut down and turned into a police state all for a "virtual inauguration." :tap:

Anyone else find all this very weird?

Either the Democratic party has completely lost it or something is up. Something is up.