Big Mama the Buff Orpington Rescue


Adopt me please !
I thought I'd post about some of the older rescue chickens we have. One is Big Mama. She came in to us with about 6 others that included a mean ole Rooster named Tyrone (he was beautiful!). We also had a mean Rooster named Don King. We found a farm home for Tyrone and Don King together. Tyrone had several offspring that came in with him which we named Tyrese, Tyrhonda, etc. Giving them the TY names was funny. My neighbor ended up taking all the TY hens and the ones we had laft died at different times over the past 7 or so years except Big Mama who is still going strong. I wonder sometimes if Big Mama's former human Mom ever reads the forum and sees the updates about the chickens over the years?

Share your chickens in this thread :biggrin: