Birds Aren't Real

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You cannot make this #### up!


The website is hysterical!


The *gasp* history...

On October 25th, 1963 Kennedy was shown a prototype of the Turkey X500- a robot that specialized in killing larger birds like eagles and falcons. The robot displayed its surveillance skills, as well as its ability to find and track escaped criminals (as we learned from chapter 1, this was one of the things that drove Eisenhower to approve the project.) Kennedy was impressed with what he was shown, but continued to demand the immediate shutdown of the operation; and less than a month later he was dead. Now I’m not saying that these events are correlated, but I am. JFK was murdered by the CIA because he was against the mass murder of every feathered flying creature in the United States. He was to be the first and only President to stand against the murder of the birds; from Lyndon Johnson to Donald Trump, every President we’ve had since has turned a blind eye to the atrocities that began in 1959. After Kennedy was killed, the CIA started rigging elections. They would only allow candidates who were anti-bird and pro citizen surveillance to win the Presidency.
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So, first thought, has to be humor.........right? But then I remeber, back when the Net was new, reading about the Masonic symbols baked right into the murals of the then-new Denver airport. And of hidden alien complex below that airport, the only evidence of which were the small nuclear cooling towers that could be seen outside the terminal............ which complex includes breeding pens for the humans the aliens eat for food.......

Yeah, there are people who really think this stuff.


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Clearly, the Boeing Engineers didn’t get the memo from Dulles about remaining undetected, and actually painted “Area 51 or bust” on both sides of the bus. Whenever they would stop for gas, they would set up a makeshift campsite in the parking lot and sing songs with titles such as “I left my Honey for Area 51,” and,” Let’s Kill all the Birds.” They attracted a lot of attention, and the locals of a town in Idaho claimed that the men would reveal intimate details of what they were doing. Clearly, they were complete idiots; but their idiocy is one of the hardest pieces of evidence on how the government killed the birds. While 22 of the men made it to Nevada, one man did not. Neil Ford was the only engineer that lived to tell the story, as he was left in a Waffle House bathroom because the others claimed,” he had to pee too many times, and was ruining the vibe of the road trip.”
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I don't think they're saying all birds are fake - just that some are. And that isn't hard to believe, although I can't guess why anyone would bother.

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I don't think they're saying all birds are fake - just that some are. And that isn't hard to believe, although I can't guess why anyone would bother.
Yes, they are. At least the lead fruitcake is saying so:

He took quick photos of random documents, for later analysis- and explained to me that there was a massive, government wide deception that had been perpetuated on the American people; that birds in fact were drones. Birds Aren’t Real. They haven’t been for decades, and in 2001, the last real bird died- in a closed ceremony on an island off the coast of Virginia.