Black Friday shopping - Who's going?


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I did it once years ago and swore I'd never do it again. :lol: Plus I don't buy many Christmas presents - everyone has enough crap already, they don't need any more.

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I did it once years ago and swore I'd never do it again. :lol:
Not I. If I can't get it local or from Amazon, they won't get it. :yay: I do remember a story about my mom camping at the local Walmart so she could get the latest toy for her youngest grandchild. She got it after a long wait and a few bumps from overly zealous shoppers. She didn't do THAT again. :lol:


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I'm being paid to be at Lowe's, otherwise would not be within a couple miles of any store.


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We're having our extended family Thanksgiving dinner on Martinsburg WV. If I go near any store on Friday it will be a liquor store.
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Not a chance in hell you'll catch me near a store tomorrow. I even hate to stop at the grocery store after work. I generally do my shopping early Sunday or Monday mornings.