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Candace Owens On Diddy’s ‘Black Party’: Democrats ‘Clever Enough’ To Make You Self-Segregate

Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens blasted music mogul Diddy’s announcement to start a “Black” political party, asserting that the party is evidence that the “Democratic Jim Crow era is making a comeback.”

“I have said for the last three years that Democrats have gotten clever enough to teach black Americans to segregate themselves,” Owens posted via Twitter. “[Diddy] launching ‘our black party’ while NYU students seek black-only dorms is proof that the Democratic Jim Crow era is making a comeback.”

“The same racist democrats that told us that ‘Make America Great Again’ was racist, will be telling blacks that ‘our black party’ is virtuous,” she added.

“Stay awake, black America. Look out for Jim Crow in wolf’s clothing,” Owens warned.
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She may be right, but lets think this over.
When Jim Crow existed before the blacks thought themselves powerless, and they didn't like it.
But now the blacks have gotten away with rioting ,looting, and they mostly get away with murder in te big cities the democrats run.
The Democrats have convinced them that now they have power.

Now they want to be on their own so they can exercise that power.
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