Bled/Bohinj vs Bovec - for rafting, canyoning, and hiking


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My husband and I will spend 4 days in Bled, Bohinj, and Bovec from May 31 - June 3 and want to go white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, and possibly also mountain biking. We are very experienced hikers and pretty experienced at rafting and canyoning.
There are lots of highly rated rafting/adventure companies based in both Bled and Bovec, and I'm wondering which location is superior for each activity - white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, and mountain biking.
Also, is it necessary/best to book a tour/hire a guide for mountain biking and/or hiking, or can we enjoy this on our own with a good map?

Thanks for your help!


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Ljubljana is a long ways from southern Maryland. That is quite the road trip.

I have to believe that with the exchange rate, you can get some pretty good deals over there.

I've only been there once. Went to Koper for the day. It's a short drive from Trieste.
As an experienced hiker and rafter, I would recommend prioritizing Bovec for your adventurous activities. The Soča River in Bovec offers some of the most exhilarating white water rafting in Slovenia, with challenging rapids and stunning scenery. Bovec's canyons are also deeper and more challenging than those in Bled, making them a great choice for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
For hiking, both Bled and Bohinj offer a variety of trails to suit all levels. Bled's trails are generally shorter and easier, while Bohinj's trails are more extensive and wind through the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. If you're looking for a more challenging hiking experience, I would recommend Bohinj.
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