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Is BLM an actual organization or just a loose bunch of people that show up to protest .?

There must be someone in charge to organize. If there was they need to tell these little white anarchists to go the f##k home. You are ruining our message.


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If it was White Lives Matter, the FBI would be all over them
Like stink on crap.

Obama destroyed the FBI, It's institution and it's record.

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I'd like to look at more of their finances. My family has a charity ( 501c3 ) for a college scholarship (2) in memory of our son who died in 2008. Each year I file 990N stating we received under $50,000. in donations. If you receive more you have to include your expenses. I'd like to see their expenses.
Then I guess you would have to look at Thousand Currents as they appear to be the 501(c)(3) that BLM is handled under.