Having a Beer while the world burns!
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This farmer had a sick cat and called the Vet in town to see what could be done for it. The Vet asked the farmer what the problem was. After being told, the Vet told the farmer to give it a pint of castor oil.

The farmer asked, "A whole pint?" and the Vet replied, "Sure, that'll fix it right up."

The next day the Vet saw the farmer in town and asked him how the sick calf was getting along.

"You fool!" the farmer exclaimed, "That wasn't a calf, it was a cat."

The Vet said, "Oh my goodness, did you give it the whole pint of castor oil?"

"Sure did," the farmer replied.

"What happened? Where's the cat now?" asked the Vet.

The farmer, pointing, said, "Don't rightly know. Last time I saw that cat, he was going over yonder hill with five other cats, two were digging, two were covering up, and one was scouting out new territory."