Blue Crabs Announce Youth Baseball Day Camp


The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs announced their plans to host a Youth Baseball Day Camp for the week of June 22nd at Regency Furniture Stadium. Click here to purchase.

The camp will be run following social distancing guidelines. Twenty campers will be allowed to sign up each day, and will be separated into two groups of ten. Former MLB pitcher, Daryl Thompson, as well as Blue Crabs coach, Joe Walsh will be providing the instruction.

The camp will run from 10AM-3PM. The cost is $50, and that price gives a camper one day of camp. Campers may sign up separately for multiple days of the camp at the same price point.

The day will begin with 30 minutes of warmups, stretching and catch. Pitchers will then begin working on mechanics with Daryl Thompson, while hitters begin hitting drills with Coach Walsh. This will be followed by on field batting practice, just like the players do before games. During this batting practice, fielders will work on individualized drills, while hitters will get detailed instruction. To finish the day, all campers will go to their defensive position and take infield and outfield. The Blue Crabs will be accepting campers ages 8-16.