Blue Crabs baseball 1000 hermit crab giveaway


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What's your take on the Blue Crabs giving away 1000 hermit crabs on opening day? I think it's a bad idea all around. Most of these animals will end up dead in no time. From what I seen on the news last night the Blue Crabs are not not backing down. I love all animals and hate to see any suffer, I wouldn't attend this event.

This is a letter from the Hermit Crab Association (who knew they had one!)


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I am against giving out live animals as incentives or prizes.

But I find it hysterical that hermit crabs have their own advocacy group. :lmao:


Guess they could cancel the live Hermit Crabs and hire a bunch of 3 dollar hookers then people can still leave with crabs... :drummer:

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Their Facebook post announcing the giveaway (complete with teaser posts running several days up to the announcement) blew up with hundreds of replies. Funny reading!