Blue Crabs Introduce Mobile Community Ceremonies

The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs announced the beginning of their latest community-based campaign on Monday afternoon, community ceremonies with Ron Lord The Tie-Dye Guy, and Pinch.

Beginning later this week, Ron Lord and Pinch will begin traveling all across Southern Maryland to help people celebrate their birthday, graduation, Senior Night, or any other event that doesn’t get adequately celebrated during a pandemic.

The Tie-Dye Guy and Pinch will maintain social distancing, and will complete as many ceremonies as possible to continue to try to create a sense of normalcy during COVID-19.

“There are many voids in people’s lives right now, one of which being baseball. But as Southern Maryland’s Hometown Team, we will continue to bring the community together in any way possible, and one way to do that is to bring people the celebration they deserve,” said Blue Crabs General Manager, Courtney Knichel.

To nominate someone for a Mobile Community Ceremony, email