Blue Crabs Sign Founder of Luce Prospect Group, Jake Luce, and Andy Mocahbee

The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs announced the signing of Jake Luce and Andy Mocahbee on Wednesday afternoon.

Jake Luce, a southpaw outfielder began his professional career in 2012 in the American Association, and would shuffle around Independent Leagues including the Atlantic League until 2015.

In 2014, Luce founded the Luce Prospect Group, a company that is designed to get young athletes to the collegiate level, and incredibly has achieved a 100% success rate of athletes that have finished his program. Outside of a short stint in the American Association in 2017, Luce will be returning after a multi-year lapse in professional baseball. In the meantime, Luce has turned Luce Prospect Group into a multi-million dollar business.

Andy Mocahbee has played two seasons of professional baseball after attending Middle Georgia College. The catcher spent both seasons in the formerly Canadian-American Association.

“Luce and Mocahbee are both individuals with incredible character, and impeccable work ethic. Both were no-brainers to bring on board,” said Blue Crabs General Manager, Courtney Knichel.

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