BlueCrabs Cash


the poor dad
I went to a BlueCrabs game last night with some friends. Haven't been in a couple of years. Surprise!

I go to the snack counter to get some cheesy fries - $6.50 - whatever - I want them. Bottle of water $4.50 - lukewarm. Total $11+ tax. Hand the girl a $20 bill. Sorry we don't take cash. WHAT!?! NO WAY! I LOST IT WITH HER! Sitting right there in front of the register is a tip jar with CASH IN IT!!! I pick up the tip jar and point out to her that there is cash in the jar!!! I then proceeded to tell her that if they don't accept cash as payment then they should not have a tip jar for cash!! I was pissed and was loud enough that everyone else was turning to look. This is insanity!!! The friend I was with pulled out his credit card to pay - guess I was embarrassing him. I had a credit card and was reluctantly taking it out to hand her because I was hungry, but this is BS!! She took his credit card, not mine - she just wanted me to leave.

I assume tickets to get in were credit card only but the friend I was with paid so I didn't have to vent in the box office, nor was I warned it was a cash only park. But I am not one to pay for small stuff like this with a credit card. I always have a minimum of $100 cash in my pocket. If I'm going to fast food or convenience store - it's always cash. This experience pissed me off and I will avoid BlueCrabs games in the future.

Yeah, I know I'm getting old and am being left behind in this new economy, but I am holding on to my cash habits as long as possible so damn the rest of the world!!


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So you took it out on the worker who didn't make the policy?? Such a shitty thing to do. *******s like you are why no one wants to work these jobs anymore. Grow up


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So you took it out on the worker who didn't make the policy??
Gotta agree with this ^^ Not their fault that the business went cashless transaction.
On the other hand, don't even come at me with the "We get charged 3% on every card transaction" crap if you are gonna go cashless.


the poor dad
Apparently you missed my point or I wasn’t clear with my point - they don’t want to take my cash for the food but are more than happy to take my cash for tips. I’m sure the tip jar isn’t the owners thing, it’s the employees thing. Pick one or the other - either credit card only and no tip jar or you take cash for everything.