Bmw i8


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Saw my first one today. I guess they have been around for 4-5 years but must not be very many out there or I am not paying attention. Good looking car but are they worth ~$150K?


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you don't see many because they are so expensive!

as for is it worth the money...only if I hit the Powerball
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Cropped BMW i8.jpg

Cropped BMW I8 matte.jpg

The first one is a shot I took at a BMW test drive event, and no it wasnt available to drive. Thone was a special edition wih all sort of sepcial leathes and treatments. Getting in was more like siding on my riding gloves than getting into t a car. The second one was at the DC auto show, the matte paint was pretty cool.

For me, a bit to much "No user serviable parts inside". But seeeeexy.