Boarding my dogs - Waldorf area.


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We have used Ridge kennels in La Plata a few times. While I'm not completely unhappy with them, they don't leave me fully happy either if that makes sense. I've lived in MD for a year, and the boarding place I used in PA I loved and always felt comfortable and happy to take my dogs too. They seemed to LOVE it there. However, I'm not getting the same feeling with this kennel.

I did a search in the forums but could only find the most recent post from 2007, so thought I'd get some newer posts and suggestions for kennels in the area. Riviera Kennels is close to our house too, but the couple comments I saw in the thread I searched, didn't leave me wanting to call and book them there.

Thanks so much!!!!!

Thanks so much!


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We use Indian Bridge but that's not close to you.


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If your dogs get along well with other dogs, check out Four Pet's Sake. She is actually a Pet Sitting Service, but also offers in-home boarding. She is located in Fort Washington. You can find the link to her website here: Southern Maryland Association of Professional Pet Sitters .

She is awesome and has a wonderful set-up. The dogs are able to live freely just as if they were in their own home. I've been to her home when she had boarders and it was difficult to know who was were her own and who were boarders.


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Happy Tracks in Waldorf. The kennel is at their home. The staff is WONDERFUL. My boy never looks back when he's dropped off. They are great, great people.


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Dog Boarding & Day Care in Charles County

Have you checked out Pampered Pets of Southern Maryland's new location The Playful Pup? While getting accepted into Pampered required adding your name to a waiting list they have opened up another location in that area that is very easy to get into if you meet their vaccination requirements. They offer cage free, round the clock care and the price is great if you consider what you get for it. There is no extra charge for anything unless you do not bring your own food, dogs have unlimited access to indoor and outdoor play, private rooms & attention or group play, comfy beds and lots of love 24/7. Playful Pup | Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming, Dog Training and Doggie Daycare | Waldorf, MD
We love this place