Bogus Claims


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There's a rash of bogus Unemployment claims being submitted to companies by scammers, using employee's Names and PPI, including SSN's. Happened to me a few months ago and a co-worker last week. The "Agencies" (MD Employment Office, Justice dept, so on) are so overloaded with bogus claims, very few are being investigated.

If you experienced this, you know what a PIA it is to try and secure your financials and PPI. Any experiences out there...?


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Just received a letter Friday from MD DoL...the "Request For Separation Information" that I, as the employer, receive when one of my employees applies for Unemployment. Problem is...the employee that applied in this case!! Came as quite a surprise; maybe I was "filing claims while drunk" or sumthin'..

Now begins the fun...the letter states that I have to reply with the requested separation info by 9 June. Today is already the 7th...and good freaking luck getting through to a human at the DoL number.