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That's what I'm annoyed about today. I just finished reading "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn, which was a pretty decent thriller, then I read the Amazon reviews. The low-stars mostly complain about the book that wasn't written rather than the one that was. As in, "She should have..." "Why didn't she..." "The characters were too dysfunctional..."

Yes, the main character is a mess. She's supposed to be a mess. The younger sister is very dual-personality - right, she's supposed to be that way. The mother is delusional...well, yeah, that's the whole point of the book. Why did Camille allow her mother to victimize her over and over? Well, how about you actually read the book and get some insight into her character??

It's like they totally miss the whole plot line and get grouchy because Flynn didn't write the book they wanted her to write. This happens a lot with reviewers. If the writing itself is sloppy, full of grammatical errors or overly flowery prose, I can see it. If the plot is weak or you see the "surprise" ending coming from a mile away, sure. But to bust on the author actually writing the book they intended to write, with characters they intended to create....well, duh. Write your own damn book if you want something so specific.

Anyway, that's all. I just wanted to complain about the complainers. :dye:


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People do the same thing with movies, especially endings. "Why didn't ....", "How come ....".


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I loved that book! And I love all of Flynn's work...BECAUSE her characters are so intriguingly ####ed up and multi-dimensional. She takes it to another level. Apparently they're making a TV movie out of this. Just like Gone Girl, I highly doubt this will even touch the levels of depth her novels have.