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Part of our Friday After Breakfast meandering. I've never been in there before, but their seafood department was a sight to behold. Fresh gulf shrimp, jumbo lump crabmeat, fresh scallops, yum. Is it as good as it looks?


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I envy you guys who can make seafood at home without having to rush everyone else to the ER for anaphylactic shock from just smelling it.


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Usually every couple of weeks we go to Bradfords for meat and such. I usually get a couple Fillet steaks, one thick azz ribeye. I slice the ribeye in half at home. I have been buying shrimp there more frequently. Sometimes I get scallops. I usually spend $150 or more, it lasts 2 weeks for us. In my opinion, they have the best beef around. I prefer them over the crowds at Nick's. I can honestly say, I've never gotten a bad deal at Bradfords.


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I hope it isn't sold - but unfortunately, Bradford's kept the old McKay's style of basically - a liquor store that sells food. It has pretty much just two and a half aisles of food - a tiny produce area - a large area for cold drinks and a sit down - and the various counters. There's more refrigeration used for beer and liquor than there is for food.

They had good meat prices and they sold stuffed ham. Plus they sold locally grown produce. BUT - they really were a liquor store. And the parking lot can be a nightmare.