Breaking News. about Evinrude.


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I guess a lot of folks on this forum have no interest in this, but I got a letter today from Guy Brothers Marine.
There is a lot of water around us in St. Mary's County and many of us have boats.
The news today is that Evinrude outboard motors will no longer be made.


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Aren't they part of OMC which went defunct years ago? They stayed with 2 cycle and the EPA killed that..... I think.

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In 1936 the Evinrude company merged with the Johnson Motor Company to form the Outboard Marine Corporation. ... OMC declared chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2000 and its assets were subsequently acquired by Bombardier Recreational Products, which continues to build Evinrude branded outboard motors. Until today,,,

Thats sad, I run an Evinrude SS 25 on my dink...... I see a heavy ass 4 stroke in my future....


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I believe that Evinrude was a part of Bombadier Recreational Products after OMC went belly up.
It isn't surprising to see them close down Evinrude, they also closed down Victory Motorcycles, when they bought out The Indian Brand. They are a Canadian Company.
Yes they did stick with the 2 cycle form of outboards,with oil injection.
It is my assumption that they could not compete with Yamaha and Suzuki and Honda price wise, and that is the major reason for closing down.I don't know what the people who sold Evinrude will do ,but I suspect they will find a new brand to sell.


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The E tech engines were very competitive in price, beating out all others except Suzuki in the mid to large hp range. I’ve never owned one though; I’ve owned literally a dozen of the OMC era Johnson and Evinrude engines though.


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that sucks, have owned mercury, johnson and honda outboards. bought a maycraft 1900 w/ a 115 e-tech from guy bothers 3 years ago and was by far the best running outboard i have owned. wish ford made outboards, then we would have perfection.