Brewers Association recognizes 4 'new' beer styles in 2021 style guidelines


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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The new styles will be featured at the Brewer Association’s beer competition this fall

Four new styles of beer have officially been added to this year's style guide for the Brewers Association, a trade group for independent brewers. Among them are the New Zealand-style Pale Ale, New Zealand-style India Pale Ale (IPA), Kentucky Common Beer and Belgian-Style Session Ale.

The new styles will be featured in the Brewer Association’s Great American Beer Festival competition set for this fall.



Board Mommy
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Never got any of those crazes, the few fad beers I have tried were horrible IMO.

When we were somewhere I tried a dill pickle kolsch on tap and it was surprisingly good. Not like drinking pickle juice, it was more an aroma than a flavor.

But you're right, most of these fad beer things are mistakes.


Having a Beer while the world burns!
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I always liked the dark, full, heavy beers.

Bocks, Dunkels, Brown Ales, Porters. Things that always wash down good with the steak.

Almost forgot… And Marzens.


Raisin cane
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I never got into IPAs much either. Give me a great hefeweizen or something dark.
I tried this recently and it was really good.