Bush buys his secret Service detail a Pizza.


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Where is the scream from the Media. Where is Jesse Jackson to say what a terrible thing this is.


No of course I am not serious about Bush buying pizza for his security detail I just laugh at the media and certain a-wipes who got all shook up when Trump bought Pizza and MacDonald's hamburgers for Clemson the other day.Where is their stupid remarks to George Bush for buying pizza and not inviting them in for Prime Rib.

I too join with Bush in calling for the crazed Democrats to stop the horse sh*t and give Trump the way to build the wall.


God bless the USA
We just can’t win. Oh, wait, Trump did. And, to think I liked the Bushes. :doh: I hope Laura is innocent of the crap, because I thought she was wonderful.

Bottom line...W is a Repub, but doesn’t support the current Repub prez. Butthurt because of Jeb. JFK would laugh at this crap. If he were alive, today, he would be more conservative than W, and many Repubs. What a joke. The power thing is truly scary. I want to see W parachute from a plane when he is 90 something; like his dad. What a “me” brat, he is. He and Obama should have a beer together.
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