Business as Usual for Tort Lawyer Bandits


PREMO Member
The only reason Bayer is paying anybody anything is a flawed U.S. tort system that left the company little choice. Plaintiffs’ lawyers spent tens of millions of dollars on a years-long campaign to recruit clients for lawsuits based upon the questionable scientific opinions of paid experts. Some of the experts only began linking Roundup to cancer shortly before they started appearing in court. Judges allowed those experts to testify in front of non-scientist jurors who were understandably sympathetic toward plaintiffs suffering from a potentially fatal disease. Those jurors overlooked -- or in some cases were never told -- that government experts consider Roundup to be safe.

The absurdity of the settlement is evident from its terms. Bayer is admitting nothing because there is nothing to admit. Bayer won’t put a warning label on Roundup because it can’t. In August 2019, the EPA said that Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, doesn’t cause cancer, and warning labels are prohibited. And if the plaintiffs’ lawyers truly believe their experts and think Roundup is dangerous, why did they agree to halt the litigation and stop advertising for new clients once they receive their money?

In the end, we’ve witnessed a financial transaction. A group of lawyers invested heavily in advertising, experts, and their own time to besiege a popular product with litigation. Now they are reaping a return on that investment.