Business Corruption and Malfeasance


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Now fast-forward by a couple of days to when KTBC showed up at Payne’s job to interview him about the Monday night event.

As the station was speaking to Payne, his boss showed up and started causing a ruckus by berating him.

“We have a policy that you’re not supposed to do any interviews in your uniform,” she complained. “If you want to do this as a private citizen, you can.”

Payne attempted to explain the situation, but his boss remained argumentative, so he eventually complied with her request and removed his uniform. He then asked her point blank if it was his fault that two suspects had broken into the garage, tried to steal his car, and assaulted him.

Stunningly, she said, “I would say yes, every bit of it.”

And that was the final straw for Payne.

“The fact that my supervisor basically told me it was my fault that I got assaulted, that let me know all that I needed to know,” he said.

Contacted later by the station, a rep for Priebe Security said, “We’re in the process of gathering details. We have been made aware of it and are looking into the situation.”

Sure at face value, the supervisor is not wrong, had the guy stayed at his desk he would not have been assaulted, but there is a bit more going on here .... not letting two trespassers alone in the parking garage