Butternut Squash


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I tried to buy a butternut. I got so embarrassed by just looking at this d*ck looking thing in my shopping cart, I had to put it back and not be seen with it.
If mitzi says it's okay, I'll send you a dick pic and you can practice wheeling it around in your cart. That should lessen the embarrassment when you get your butternut.:yay:


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That sounds delicious.
It is, recipe also calls for seasalt too but it doesnt really need it and I try to cook without salt since everything seems to already have so much in it already.

I've also tried fresh roasted garlic and onions, that was also pretty good.

It is one of my lowish carb go to side dishes for Thanksgiving and christmas dinner.


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I made yellow Summer Squash and Zucchini with Roma tomatoes, garlic and onion as a side dish for grilled tuna steaks tonight.


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Cut in quarters the long way, scoop the guts out. Salt and pepper, roast 400° 45 min. Butter, serve in shells for everyone to scoop their own. Yum!