Buttigieg Warns O’Rourke’s Calls For Gun Confiscation Is Playing Into The GOP’s Hand


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"Yes," Buttigieg replied when CNN host Jake Tapper asked if O’Rourke's demand for a federally mandated gun buyback program was playing into the hands of Republicans.

"Look, right now, we have an amazing moment right here on our hands," Buttigieg continued. "We have agreement among the American people for not just universal background checks but we have a majority in favor of red flag laws, high capacity magazines, banning the new sale of assault weapons."

"This is a golden moment to finally do something because we've been arguing about this for as long as I've been alive," he added.



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Does this "Golden Moment" exist in his mind?

I am a part of the American people---at least I think I am---and I don't endorse any of this butt rangers stated policies of red flag laws, background checks which we already have or high capacity magazines. Where is his majority? In his own mind?