By popular demand: The Feral Cat Thread; circa 1996-2001


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Have a feral cat that's been hanging around my house crying for the past month. Think he wants a shot at my (spayed) indoor/outdoor female cat. But he won't let me near him (nor will my cat let him near her!). Last week he managed to figure out the cat door which leads to my screened-in porch. He must have been watching my cat use it. Well, he got in, but couldn't figure out how to get out. I watched him (through glass doors) bouncing off the walls for several minutes, frantic, since I was a few feet away. It was quite amusing until he went straight through the screen to get out. One foot over from the cat door. Now I have to repair the screen, Plus he still cries, sometimes at 0400. Any recommendations on a good poison?
(little did Rich know the trouble this post would start - flame wars and ugliness, followed by a complete overhaul of the forums software. If you see him, make sure to say thank you!)

It wouldn't be smart to place a poison where your cat can get to it. You might end up killing the wrong critter. If I was you I would contact Animal Control and get one of their live-traps and just catch the cat.
(Fairly benign, I thought)

BB gun with a pellet. Just enough to scare him away.

Dee Jay:
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT poison the cat! He has already figured out how to get into your house and he may crawl in there to die, smelling up the place and causing untold stress for you and your pets. Do like Ken said and call Animal Control - they'll live trap him and get rid of his raggedy butt. And whatever you do, stay away from the cat and keep your pets indoors - he may be rabid or have any number of crazy ailments. I had a cat die of AIDS (yes, you read that right) because of fighting with a stray.

Ken- I would certainly keep my cat inside for the day or two I left the poison exposed. I’m thinking of crushing up rat poison in cat food. But I do not wish to cause pain to the cat: just kill it. If the feral cat didn’t take the bait, I would clean it up. And I never see other domesticated animals in my yard, so my concern of collateral damage is low. In warmer weather, I do get the occasional fox, opossum, or raccoon, but (except for the fox den behind my house last year) they are usually few and far between. The wild foxes never bothered me so I left them alone. THIS cat has annoyed me….It must go.

I do not believe in involving any enforcement officers. My experience with any local authority is that they are generally inept unless they are collecting revenue. And naturally, the cat would not be around when they were. Then I would have an annoying cat and an annoying animal control officer.

Dave – Have tried the BB pistol (pellets are single shot, so I use BBs). You would be surprised how hard it is to hit a scrawny cat at 20 yds. He won’t let me get closer. Then he disappears for a day or too, but returns.

Dee Jay – He can’t get into my house, just the screened porch. The craw space, likewise, is sealed off. If he chose to die on the porch, I could easily remove him. Also, he doesn’t seem rabid, but who knows what else he has; AIDS, feline leukemia, etc. So low risk to me, but what about my cat? And I can’t keep my cat indoors. It would violate our agreement (between me and my cat) about her being allowed to do what she wants to do (come and go freely), and in return, she doesn’t mess up the house or destroy stuff. I call it the “be free - be good” agreement.:)

If you are still inclined to find a poison, try some of the old antifreeze, not the new animal friendly stuff. The sweet smell draws them to it and the ethylglycol does the rest.
(Now the trouble begins)

Above, and to the left.A mini-mag lite to see, a high powered pellet gun, or a BB gun, will certainly persuade him to scram.

The most humane way to handle this situation is to acquire a live trap, and then have the animal put down. Most likely, the cat is already suffering due to illness and malnutrition, and that's just a drop in the bucket. If you poison the animal, it will suffer more until it dies.

As for your cat, I think it's great that you have an agreement, but I think it's wrong. People always think that there animals will be safe outside, but they still turn up flat, on the side of the road somewhere. Or, it starts spending time at a favored neighbors house, the neigbor thinks it's feral, and feeds it anti-freeze. Just my humble opinion.

My cat was an outdoor cat for a year or so...until I got smart. He adjusted.

Tackle box sells sub-sonic 22 bullets that will blast his skull and not be as loud as a cap gun. Get a local kid with a paint ball gun to blast him 8 times/sec and he'll get the message without killing him.
(Notice nobody takes Voter and the others to task over wanting to shoot the cat? Just Ken for recommending a poison.)

Yeah, give him ethelyne glycol so his intestines can slowly be eaten away. While you're at it, why don't you drink some sulfuric acid and share the experience with him? That may be the meanest thing I have ever seen posted on any of these boards.
(Obviously a newbie - much meaner things had been posted)

Is that your name or is it the number of people dumber than you. Get off your high horse. I recommended that they have the animal live trapped. The original poster was looking for a poison. I only abvised them of a known poison, if that person chose to use it. Why haven't you been upset by those looking for poisons? Whether their guts get ate up by it or it causes some other biological functions to stop isn't relevent only that they were looking for poison and I offerd an alternative.
(The insults begin)

Try They have a link there for instructions on humanely trapping a feral cat and what to do from there.
(Sensible advice)

"Until we stop harming all living beings, we are still savages." -Thomas Edison

Are you certain that the cat in question is unowned? This may be a neighbor's cat, or a lost pet. Therefore live trapping would be the most humane way of ascertaining if the feline is feral or has a home. At no time have I seen any mention that you have posted an ad online looking for the owner. I welcome you to post an ad on my site by contacting me. I would be delighted to include a photo if available. Is the feline male? I question this, since a full male would not seek out a spayed female. Only cats that haven't been neutered or spayed will exhibit the need to mate by calling and marking the territory.

(Part 2)
I am outraged that any responses have included "advise" on poisons and have treated this idea so casually. Additionally, only a truly sadistic person would enjoy watching an animal "bounce off the walls" trying to escape. Promoting and encouraging children to use guns to kill or maim is also outrageous. After having raised and shown Persians and Household pet cats for over twenty years, and having thirteen happy cats of my own, I would be willing to assist you with any questions. There are also many sites online to help. Please email me at (deleted) . I will also refer the messages on this board to my professional contacts at CFA and TICA.
(Renee the cat lady chimes in)

If you have 13 cats, then you are a nut. I can imagine what your house smells like. Rich said he THINKS that the cat wants a shot at his spayed female, not that he knows this for sure. Maybe PETA people can't read, that would explain a lot. Your Persians are in a bit different category than a feral stray, don't you think? If Rich doesn't want a fleabag stray cat hanging around his house posing problems for his family and pets, he has the right to get rid of it. Ken's first suggestion was that Rich live trap the animal, it was only after Rich replied that Ken suggested a poison method. So read the posts in full and quit making up outrages so you can attack people. Maybe you're kind to animals but you are meaner than dirt to people. Good thing your cats like you.
(Another nutball wanting to start a fight)

Jason Thomas:
Having an open container of radiator fluid poses three hazards:
1. To the animals, who might ingest it
2. To your local environment
3. To your personal freedom

17 USC explains that intentionally poisoning a domesticated animal is an act of animal cruelty, and may also be prosecuted under Article 27, Annotated Code of MD as a criminal act.

If this is truly a feral cat, the local Animal Control Office will trap and rescue the animal, and identify its owner, if any. At that point, the animal's disposition will be decided upon the law, not a mob mentality to "KILL DA WABBIT!".

Of course, you did one thing used your name, and this office will keep an eye on this thread, and in fact this entire message board from now on. As the person who is a part of this board, you share some responsibility to the community at large to not encourage illegal acts by citizens, which might also fall under prosecution at the Federal or State level.
(Now this person wants to sic the cops on us)

Then what are you going to do? Arrest us? And the charge would be what, talking about poisoning a feral cat? I wasn't aware that you PETA people were now the thought police.

Ken King:
What part of the Copyright laws in 17 USC deal with cats, you idiot?
(Oops - more name-calling)


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Douglas Waterso:
You clearly missed the situation's meaning here, guys! As a Veteranarian, a "WHOLE MALE" that is, one with it's fully functional reproductive system active...he will only go after "IN-SEASON", that is, active Estrous females, who according to the following definition:

"Queens are sexually active only when in season; toms can mate at any time. However, this behaviour is hormonal in nature, and a tom will oonly react to a female who is in active Estrous, and ready to breed."

"He will envade other tom's territories in search of active Estrus females. As long as that tom is in the vicinity of such a female, the tom will howl, cry or pace; masturbate, urinate, or 'spray', and mount objects, or objects."

Now, as to the mentality displayed by the persons posting to this message board; I can offer this observation:
You are a group of dim-witted, half-bred, non-Don Juan Italian Meatball chewing impersonations of prepubescant sligshot range rejects who are seeking a target for your spit balls and straws at the cafeteria!
(This guy has something against meatball-eating Italians)

I'm glad I don't take my dog to your practice! I prefer to use a veterinarian than can spell their own profession. Obviously, you're not who you say you are.
(Gee, ya think?)

Thanks for putting your name so I 'll know not to use you for a vet. Your abusive language when describing the users of this forum is inexcusible. It's one thing to stand up for animals, I am an animal lover myself. But your post and the posts of these other activists is over the top to say the least. In fact I don't believe you're a veterinarian at all, I think you just put that so we'd think you know something. Certainly a real vet wouldn't be so childish and abusive.

Angela Wright:
I have been told about this posting, and couldn't beleive my eyes. All you have to do to deal with a loose cat is contact the local authorities who will capture the creature and try to locate its home.

But to hunt it down, poison it, or look forward to its demise [that means 'death' to you slackjaws] is a sign that you are a backward part of the nation in need of literary training.

Every animal deserves the right to live according to its design and evolution!

I find it hard to believe that you people have nothing better to do than monitor these forums for signs of animal abuse. Get a life and take your crusade somewhere else. Humans are above animals in the food chain so if the untended animal is causing a problem then he needs to go. But you animal rights nuts probably think the human should move out of his house and leave it for the poor defenseless animal. Turn it into a wayward cat hotel. I'd be more willing to listen to your point of view if you'd quit name calling. Now I just think you're crazy and obviously have too much time on your hands. And I have a few names for people like you as well.
(Obviously not a PETA member)

Ken King:
To Dr. Douglas Waterson, Jason Thomas, Angela Wright,

Re-read the post I made. I recommended to Rich that he get animal control to live trap the critter or did you just skip over that. I wasn't the one seeking the poison. On failing to choose to do that I offered a known household poison that I have seen others use. Personally, I would never poison an animal, I would blow it away with a 45 caliber blackpowder lead ball.

Bring on your charges of animal cruelty, a recommendation is not an act or did you spend an equal amount of time learning the law as you did your spelling. I cannot imagine a veterinarian not knowing how to spell his own profession. But that’s education for you or are you just another hoax?

As for the alleged doctor’s comment “You are a group of dim-witted, half-bred, non-Don Juan Italian Meatball chewing impersonations of prepubescent slingshot range rejects who are seeking a target for your spit balls and straws at the cafeteria!” (spelling corrected for the literate of us), you must be of canine heritage or unknowing of your paternal lineage. You can call me names all day long and I am equal to your task. You could offer a better solution than what I have or you can just shut your arrogant mouth. You want to carry this further contact me by the email link I provide with my posts. I haven’t had a decent battle in months and I am sure that I am up to whatever you, and your type of people, can dish out. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and I throw down the glove for you to pick up.
(Woo hoo! Put up yer dukes, you varmints!)

Ken King
Okay, law expert, you say I might be liable under Article 27 of the Annotated Code of Maryland. I take it you are referring to Section 59 (b)(1) which states “Any person who (i) intentionally mutilates or cruelly kills an animal, or causes, procures, or authorizes the cruel killing or intentional mutilation of an animal”. Explain how by first recommending the live trapping of an animal and then just offering a suggestion as to a type of poison that COULD be used can you say that I either intentionally killed an animal, or that I caused the animal to be killed, or that I procured the death of the animal, or that I authorized it. To my knowledge the animal is still alive and well. You would have to ask Rich about that. Take me to court if you dare, I could use a hefty lawsuit settlement from you and your organization.
(Ken actually looked up that law - the Surf God!)

What a load of crap!
What happened? I get on and see a bunch of posts (many of them exactly the same) which basically say, how dare you hurt a dear little kitty you sorry excuse for a redneck SMIB. And then they go on with idle threats like, we'll be watching you and this place.

Ignore them. On Usenet, there is a term for this kind of poster. They are called "trolls", not named for the beasts that live under bridges, but after the practice of 'trolling' as when one fishes. They're just here to bully you, and they'll be gone.

If they're gonna call you names, maybe you should just ignore them all, catch the cat, skin it and make a nice stew. Makes for gooooood eatin'. Mmmmmm-mmmmm. And if someone threatens you over it, do a Hannibal on them. Taste just like chicken.
(Frank jumps in the fray)

Lloyd Waston
I recommend the South American Poison Dart Frog! The tiny frogs produce poison in their secretions that South American blowgun hunters use to tip their darts.
(Good advice!)

Dee Jay
LOL - If he can't catch the cat, how's he supposed to get him to South America? :)

Mike Walker
I wish to interview you for a story I wish to write on this subject. You may reach my office by calling me directly:
(800) 223-6226
(727) 443-7666
(888) 767-2849 FAX

If you desire, put your outline of this situation in writing and fax it down, and I will arrange to come up to MD to interview your personnaly. This is another case of a simple misunderstanding gone horribly awry! I think the readers will like this story; and it will stir much controversy. If any other poster to this forum wishes to give their side of the story, please contact me immediately! I want to know your story.
(Another nutcase)

Misunderstanding? Sheesh! It's a bunch of people talking about a stray cat. No one has done diddly about it. And then some self-righteous twerps try to be a bully over a non-occurrence on a public message board, and threaten to "watch this place". Where were they a few weeks back when we wanted to know about a good veterinarian (see, I can spell it too), or when a cat was stuck up a tree. No, they all freak out over the mere suggestion of bodily harm to a cat which in all likelihood will end up getting put down anyway, humanely or not.

A tempest in a teapot. If this is your idea of "a story", whomever you publish for is REALLY hard up for news.

Ken King
Where did these wierdos come from? Did someone forget to close the barn door again?


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Dee Jay
Actually, Frank, this is a great story from a human behavior aspect - how an innocent comment made in a public forum can start off a war of words between people who don't even know each other. Also it's interesting to see the name calling and abusiveness by people who would never say those things to someone in person.

Most of us can disagree peaceably - Tony and I have gone round and round about a topic in these forums and via personal email, yet we've never called each other names or been mean to each other. We talk to each other electronically like we would in person. Same goes for most of the people who post in these forums. But occasionally we'll get someone in here who expresses their opinion with name-calling and disrespect. Typically those people are dealt with swiftly and surely by the regulars - the Boss and I only step in when it gets too bad or there is objectionable language flying about.
(I still find the human behavior of the forums fascinating)

Ken King
Well said, Dee Jay.
Your right, most of us have never met. In fact, I have never made actual contact with anyone from the company. I have met Tony, Frank, Major, Christy and Steve. Tony more than once the others only once, BTW Tony, we are planning the 3rd Annual Bucksnort Preservation Society Moonlight Charity Ball. Others I might have met, but don't know it.

So in keeping with the spirit of open and honest debate on the topics that appear on these fine pages I humbly and respectfully apologize if I have offended anyone with my regard to the use of antifreeze as a poison for an unwanted feline. I also will apologize for the inference that I would blow the animal away. I wouldn't do it because I live in a community and would never discharge a firearm in such close proximity to the public, unless of course in the defense of life. I will go on and apologize for the name calling that I have participated in.

Rich, Buy a damn trap, catch the cat, and let the Humane Society kill it.
(Making nice to try and tone down the thread)

Dee Jay
The most amusing part of this "story" is that Ken started off saying that the original poster should call Animal Control and get a live trap. Upon the reply that the OP really wanted a poison, Ken made a suggestion as to what to use. Big deal. Now he's being publicly attacked, along with everyone else who made rather benign or facetious comments about the situation.

We've also had a visitor send us email about the thread, asking us to delete the whole thing (which we're not going to do). This person is concerned that use of the word "poison" will cause a national security issue! He is also concerned that my input as a "manager" of this site, is inappropriate. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and civil discourse?

You should read the Cousin Couples thread if you want to see some action.! The cat discussion is fairly tame in comparison.
(Oh yeah! I forgot about the Cousin Couples!)

I have read enough.....the vet is all are crazy and have no idea how to handle this matter with any since. Or understand animal behavior. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Also the way you attacked Rene earlier is uncalled for. It seems when a decent kind approach is offered you all go off and say they are crazy. Grow up and do things the right way.

Jenny Lowe
Having read through very carefully, I wish to make an observation or two:

1. Yes, trapping the animal would be the best way to deal with the situation, and calling Animal Control would be the best course of action.

2. When suggestion the use of Radiator Fluid, although Ken King was not directly involved in the actual conduct, he did offer information which could be used for an unethical purpose, namely a cruel act against an animal. However, I think he was trying to answer the request of the post, and in doing so set off a flame war with all around him.

3. As people posting to a public board, we need to remember that we are all responsible for our actions, and that this might be a good time for all involved to step back, take a breath, and rethink how far this has gone.

4. There was no need for Ken to throw down the gauntlet, as he did in publically challenging someone, and the operators of the board can and do express their opinions as accored them by the 1st Amendment. It is interesting that a more balanced response might quell the flames; but this has not been done.

In short, I am merely asking all who posted to this site, on all sides of the argument, to remember that we are here to express opinions, and seek each other's insights into the issues of the day...not become embattled over what is clearly a job to be handled by the Animal Control people!

There, I've said my peace, and without bad language, legal threats, and heated words meant only to enrage everyone else who reads.

It does make me wonder what kind of example we are setting to the casual observer who finds this site from elsewhere in the world. This is not the impression I would want the world to see of Southern Maryland culture...

Let's just agree that the cat should be trapped, and that is the first option to be followed through on. Anything which might harm this cat should only be considered as a last resort should the cat prove to be rabid. This choice however, rests upon the responsibility of Animal Control, not the homeowner wishing to take the matter into his own hands.
(The peacemaker - doesn't want much, does she? *lol*)

Ken King
Well said and well received by me, I accept your admonishment to my throwing of the gauntlet, and I will accordingly rescind that request in as equal a public forum as the challenge was made. I apologize again here and now. If you notice the time of our messages you will see that I was probably posting my previous apology further up the page as you posted your comments. Let this serve as another bucket of water to douse the flames that I helped ignite.

Your post did stir questions that are on a somewhat connected subject. That being with your final statement concerning homeowners taking matters into their own hands. Rich, as a homeowner, should be entitled to the respect and absolute control with regard to his personal property and incursions by unwelcome critters. The fact that someone else lost control of this animal indicates a blatant disregard for their duty as a pet owner. Had this unknown person properly provided for and accepted responsibility for their animal none of this would be taking place. Where is the indignation towards this person? Why should Rich suffer for the acts of others? Why does the cat receive more concern then the one being burdened by the animal? What are our priorities? Do we further abdicate our diminishing rights and subject ourselves to the acts of others without any recourse? What is the solution? I wish I knew.

Additionally, I doubt if anyone should seriously judge Southern Maryland by these few comments on this forum. Our representation here is only a fraction of those that live here. I will agree that at times we might not be putting our best foot forward, but such is life. We have had other heated discussions, some almost to the verge of fisticuffs. However, that is not the norm.

I have become attached to the area after coming here initially in the 1950s when my Dad first was stationed here. I myself left the area in the early 1970s as a young adult for a twelve year period when I joined the military and I got to see the world. I have visited all 50 States, some briefly, some for longer. I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. I have found numerous places as good, none better, and the majority of the rest are what I would consider to be undesirable. Though to many of the locals, in all of these areas I have been to, they were of the mindset that their home was the best. We share those feelings here in Southern Maryland, for a lot of us nothing could be better then what we have here. Naturally, we have probably an equal amount of people here that can’t stand this place either. What I have found throughout my fairly short life is that the place you are at is only as good as you care to make it. If you approach it negatively you usually get negative results. In the spirit and non-inflammatory manner of your post, responses are welcome to the thoughts I have raised.
(There, see? Behaving like a gentleman again)

Feral Cat
If I die, cool! Remember that for every one of me, there are thousands of other cats who will tap your cat's ###...

You dare to throw down the glove?

(Here he made a really crude personal attack on Ken, which I won't repeat)

Ken King
You Sir or Madame have stepped across the line. Attack me as you will, attack my wife or family and you assuredly will be subjected to my wrath. Email with a time and place.
(Now Ken's pissed, as he should be. I was pissed and it wasn't even my wife they were talking about))

Feral Cat
You aren't going to do ####! Bradley.htm

(more obscenities about Ken and his family)
(Lots of posts got deleted here because of profanity and just some really crude things on the part of the Feral Cat brigade.)


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Dee Jay
First of all, I'd like to apologize for the ugliness that's been going on in these forums lately. The regulars know it isn't normally like this and I hope the newbies will hang in there while we oust the flamers.

There's a disagreement about the cat situation - fine. We're all free to disagree. What we're not free to do, however, is make crude, obscene comments. At least not in these forums. A little heat is one thing, but some of the posts that have been flying through are a different story entirely.

To the person who posted the objectionable remarks: we're sending copies of your posts to your ISP along with a complaint that you've violated our forum rules and a request that they take appropriate action.

Let this be a notice to all forum posters: we will not tolerate that type of abuse. Free speech is one thing and I think the Boss and I are fairly liberal when it comes to what we'll delete. But the language and ugliness in some of these posts is unacceptable.

Now, frankly, I'd like to get some sleep and not have to wake up to a bunch of profanity and obscenity in these forums. Whaddaya say, folks?
(No rest for the weary)

When humans "Throw down the glove.." it makes FERAL CAT mad. But FERAL KITTY is mature tom, and says he will no longer spray the board.

Kenny King has to promise not to threaten kitties with radiator fluid, and FERAL KITTY promise not to insult his wife anymore.

FERAL KITTY wishes to thank Mr. King's son who served in the Army for his service to our country.

Also, Chad is pretty cool...

Also, FERAL KITTY is sorry to the thin blonde lady named DEE JAY if she got mad at me for spraying the board. This was a bad day for FERAL KITTY; and he take a nap now...

Just don't hurt kitties. That all FERAL KITTY care about. Nite Nite.
(We had freaks on the forums even back then)

Audra Crawford

Any questions?
Audra Crawford
Texarkana, TX 75501
(this site is gone now but it was a cartoon cat peeing on Dee Jay and Ken)

Tanya Bolton
Great site! These two are really a piece of work![/color]

Dee Jay
What, exactly, have I done to deserve a spraying? The post I made on the subject said don't poison the cat. Texas, huh? I rest my case. Keep your flame war in your own state, thanks.

Fred Leonard
Ken King is supposedly local, and according to all that I've read, it would appear that it was his comments which spraked angry responces.

Of course, someone escalated this to symphonic levels, which made a bad situation worse. But the crowning glory came when Ken King within his own forum said that he was throwing down the glove, offering his e-mail address, and challenging the person who was writing the extremely ugly references to his wife to name a time and place.

I would think that due to ugliness on all sides, that the site's management would simply kill the entire message thread, and ask people to not flame each other again.

Ken King's [As well as several other posters} comments are still up, and make a window of opportunity for someone else to get into the feeding frenzy and start things up again.

One person, and one person only made an effort in this thread to encourage peace...and her comments should stand. Of course Dee Jay is absolutely right about removing obscene messages. However, she should have also removed the other posters who wrote extremely inflammitory remarks, and challenges. In a sense, this is a disturbance of the peace; and such postings should be eliminated regardless of who posted them.

A solution which might work is to force all participants to be fully registered with verifyable e-mail addresses; therefore no one can flame from behind a wall. (Again we run into the issue of what inflames people - help me, Madame Cleo!)

Dee Jay
Want me to tell you what I notice? That there are an awful lot of posts coming from the same IP address, including, of course, the person who posted the obscenities. So this person either has a lot of people using their computer or they have a split personality going on. Needless to say, I've already notified his/her ISP and all of their bogus posts have been removed and I will also remove any that they post in the future.

Now that that's settled, let's move on, shall we?
(Alas, it was not to be)

Kevin Cobbins
You claim not to censor...unless it's in everyone's best interest...then why haven't you deleted KEN KING's postings, which are very inflammitory!

Yours as well, after this last message is to enter into a secret collective to decide what to delete...rather than keeping everything public!

Even people like Colleen, who delete their own posts...remember this- WORDS MEAN SOMETHING, and once you post to a forum, it is PUBLIC DOMAIN and ON THE RECORD!

You can't hide from idiots like FERAL CAT, who obviously know you aren't even smart enough to trace him/her/it! But him/her/it knows KENNY, DEE JAY, and all the other little locals who pretend that this is their little fortress of opinions, where only their words prevail after DEE JAY takes out what she doesn't like ;)

Since there is no profanity, liableous/slanderous/tort or such offence...this should not be deleted. It is just an opinion.

If they kill this message, then it proves that is a bunch of hypocrites who can flame out, but not take the heat themselves...

(we killed the message *lol*)


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Susan King
As Kenny's wife I understand some very nasty things were said about me by some yahoo who does not know me. Kenny will not tell me what the remarks were and they were deleted before I had a chance to read them. As a rule I stay out of this forum as it's Kenny's baby and I have other interests that are to me just as important. I find it hard to understand how I was even involved let alone insulted. It seems to me that some Joe Blow out there owes me an apology. Before you insult someone you should at least have the decency to know who you are attacking and what that individual has done to deserve your nastiness. My philosophy of life is to be able to lay my head down on my pillow at night to sleep knowing that I have caused know one harm and have treated others as I would like to be treated. How well do you sleep at night????
(Nobody had the guts to tell Susan what was said - they were just too ugly)

Dee Jay
I'm sure the person who wrote the posts had nothing against you - it was kind of a "your mama" thing. Probably some punk kid who thinks that stuff is funny. Surprisingly, we don't really get a lot of that sort of thing, but when we do it makes the Boss and I crazy. I was up until 2am monitoring and woke up this morning grinding my teeth at what I might find.

Anyway, hopefully the flame war is over and we've taken steps to prevent it in the future. Now we can get back to our friendly discussions!
(Yeah right)

Susan King
Dee Jay, Thank you very much for you diligence and your deletions. I do know from previous experience with that some very heated arguments get started, I try to stay out of it as much as possible. My communication skills are not the greatest, I'm a hardware technician not an orator so I generally stay out of the political forums. You find me on the tech lines were things do not normally become so heated. Thank you again for your kindness keep up the good work.

I would have to vote against removal of the feral cat posts. This forum is always looking for topic starters, and now that one has caught the participants’ attention, you're questioning deleting it. If particular members are annoyed or bored by a string which continues on past what some (not all) may believe is a useful lifespan, they may easily skip over that string. And though I would support trapping the string, I would fing cruelly killing/deleting it would be offensive. :) sorry - couldn't resist.

It is very interesting to read individual points of view on controversial subjects. It’s also interesting to see how theoretical suggestions on solutions to the problem of a wild animal which was causing property damage, potential threat to domesticated animals, and annoyance at 0400 can cause emotional reactions to people who are not personnally involved/affected by the problem animal.

I, unfortunately?, did not read the inflammatory posts which required deletion. I do however, believe that those types of post, the inflammatory, derogatory, etc, should be promptly deleted. If one cannot sanely conduct a debate, with reason backing up argument, then their comments have no value.

I also would suggest more quickly deleting (offensive) posts from people who are not members of this community, or regular members of these forums. But let the members debate!

I don't think inflammatory posts should be deleted. In my opinion, be it ever so humble, that's as good as infringement upon ones constitutional right to freedom of speech.

I equate inflammatory remarks to the "fart at the dinner table". Ignore it, it will go away. If you don't like a persons post or behavior on the forum, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it. When you get into a ####### contest, you are just reducing yourself to their level.
(Yeah, that's what we always thought, too. Little did we know)

Elaine, good input on the inflammatory remarks. I agree with your premise.

However, my comments RE more quickly deleting (offensive) posts from people who are not members of this community were not intended to support a members only forum. In fact, I oppose that. I believe closing the forum to the public will only stunt its purpose; to encourage dialogue and an exchange of ideas. It is important that the outside world be allowed to participate. My reference to “members” referred to people who routinely (or sporadically) post to this open forum (no matter their geographical location), as opposed to the wildcard input. And it was this wildcard input (with derogatory comments) that I intended to recommend be more quickly, for lack of better word, censored. Perhaps that is a bad suggestion.

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(The hysterical recap of the feral cat fight - it's gone now but it was funny)

Capt Brady
Thanks Renee for capturing the subject of the boards most recent CRISIS. It saved me a great deal of searching. Amazingly, the rhetoric is very similiar to topics vigorously discussed on other boards.

One cat caused this?

Dee Jay
Obviously, the cat didn't cause this at all - it was a purely human development. The cat is probably long gone and has no idea he is famous in these forums and on Renee's website.

To all those in favor of saving the poor cat from poison.

Are you as compassionate for unborn humans?

It's weird how fired up people get when you talk about an animal by how quiet everything gets when talk about burning to death a fetus with salt or sucking their brains out of their heads.

Can't do that to an animal or you'll be in jail

just an observation!
(Oops - here we go again!)

Dee Jay
I was wondering when someone would post that...

Personally, I could have lived without the visual. Thank you very much.

If you would like to discuss this subject, I think it can be approached in a more tactful and tasteful manner. Your approach just leads me to believe you got bored with the site because no one was flaming.

I was simply stating a practiced medical procedure for killing unborn children in the civilized USA. The latter being a contradiction in terms. I was just making an observation at how much we all love animals, how standing up in public is the right thing to do for our animals, how making threats of lawsuits and bodily harm and everything associated with protecting animals is PC. BUT!! We are labeled "radical" to want to save our children; we are ridiculed for protesting murder, and cussed at for even wanting the unborn to be treated somewhat better than animals, which they are not now.


(He's got a point)

I've read all of the earlier posts on this thread and enough of the original "Cat" thread to have some understanding of the discussion. It seems to me the underlying theme is how to deal with unwanted creatures, unborn or otherwise, human or otherwise. So, if we don't want them - duh - don't create them (spay, nueter, condom, IUD, you pick). After ten or twenty years, those "unwanted" problems will take care of themselves. Ah, if only it was a perfect world.

While we're waiting for those ten or twenty years to pass: If you've already created one (a kid), bought one (a cat/dog/alligator, etc), or adopted one and no longer want it (kid/cat/dog/alligator, etc) then dispose of it properly. No, I don't mean put Johnny or Spot in the trash! (Put Johnny on the Spot - a very bad pun, but I couldn't resist) And I don't mean feeding Spot poison or a 22 caliber round. There are means available to place these unwanteds with others that do want. We all know what they are and how to find them.

In the mean time, lets stock up on those birth control devices and stop buying pets for gifts.
(The voice of reason finally chimes in)


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Okay, now post the 'Cousin Couples' thread...or the circus thread from last spring...:lmao: Forgot how hard I laffed at the feral cat thread til today..


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Alas, I don't have the Cousin Couples thread anymore. The only reason I have this one is because I was subscribed to it and could piece the individual posts back together.

This thread took place in February of 2001 - seems a lot longer ago than that.

Ken King

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I sure thought there was a lot more to this but I guess that was the stuff that was "filtered out" way back then. BTW, what ever happened to Rich and that darn cat?


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Originally posted by otter
Okay, now post the 'Cousin Couples' thread...or the circus thread from last spring...:lmao: Forgot how hard I laffed at the feral cat thread til today..

Didn't Sharon dig up the circus thread not to long ago? You really need to keep the classic flamewars Vrai, and do the somd "best of". :lmao:

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Originally posted by Christy
Didn't Sharon dig up the circus thread not to long ago? You really need to keep the classic flamewars Vrai, and do the somd "best of". :lmao:
or "worst of" :roflmao:


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Did you all notice that in BOTH the feral cat AND the circus thread, I didn't even do anything and STILL got flamed? I'm feeling oppressed...:bawl:

I also got smacked around in the Gays in Maryland thread. The first one's gone for some reason but here's the sequel

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Originally posted by vraiblonde
Did you all notice that in BOTH the feral cat AND the circus thread, I didn't even do anything and STILL got flamed? I'm feeling oppressed...:bawl:

I also got smacked around in the Gays in Maryland thread. The first one's gone for some reason but here's the sequel
I seem to remember the first one got into a bunch of name-calling and David locked the thread. That's when Ken started the other one and it just spilled over. :duel: :boxing:


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DAmn...Wish I was here sooner to catch the commosion as it originally occurred. I could have had a ball!!! Or two CAT balls!!

Oh my god that was hysterical!

Where do these idiots come from? PETA (otherwise known as PITA) , "veteranarian"...must have been busy last weekend. lol!!!