Bye-Bye Catamarans?


I love Texas Road House
It's interesting how he can lose the property and be $780,000 in debt, but plans to open a new restaurant and upscale lounge in the old Lone Star building.

That just means he wants to open another restaurant. It doesn't mean the bank is going to give him any money.


Resident PIA
The owner had every opportuinty to clean that dump up and never did. Dance clubs and resturaunts should never Co-exist. You cant sustain a resturaunt on Liqour sales and covercharges. Its easy to blame the economy when you have a ####ty menu, bad waitstaff and no ambiance.

Get rid of the pool tables, videogames, dance floor, DJ booth and you already made a dramtic improvement.

That location and building is perfect for a sports bar or pub type buisness.

actually it's probably just the opposite, you can't survive on the revenue from food alone. Liquour sales is what brings in the cash;. Probably a bigger mark up on a drink then on a meal. One reason the food service industry wasn't to keen on the smoking ban was the link between smoking and drinking. It was more profitable to have people sitting in your bar drinking then at a table having a meal. Modern controls on drink portions reduce the loss from the stores.