Cabbage & Onion Soup Diet


American Beauty
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So, thanks to COVID and working from home, I have put on more weight than I am happy with. So I have decided to try the diet and see how it goes. This morning I made a huge pot of the soup. It is surprisingly really tasty!

Besides needing more exercise (as I sit here and LOOK at my treadmill :lol:), what are your tips?


General Lee

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The flatulence involved with that diet...... Good luck

I believe in exercise and portion control. Easier said then done though


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Wife and I have tried this one before - a few times. It is not bad, and the soup is pretty good. We each lost a LITTLE,
And it's only for a week, if it's the one I am thinking of.

But I was astonished at how quickly I began to HATE Cabbage and Onion soup.

We've both been on this other diet - a kind where you pay for the food and stuff - and it is working.
Wife has lost over fifty pounds and I am down 22 pounds. It just takes time.