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I'm new to the area and was looking to connect Cable Internet service with
the local provider. However, I've experience extraordinary level of
frustration with knowledge (or lack there of) of their representatives and
their lackadaisical attitudes. I've emailed, waited for someone to call me
back but with little success. I've waited through the recent @Home situation for them to start installs again.

It took about 5 weeks with the Cable TV service installation process; 2
weeks wait, installer hooks up cable, discovers problem. Oops, can't fix it
have to get someone else. Wait for a serviceman to repair, it took 3 visits
and numerous calls.  I disconnected the service as Direct TV offers local TV
and their representatives actually make you feel like they really appreciate
your hard earned cash.

It must be nice to be the "King of the Hill".

My questions are:

Am I the only one who is experiencing this contempt for customer

Why is the St. Mary's County provider only offering Cable Internet service
with cable TV? Most leave this as an option since they have the ability to
block regular Cable TV service with a filter.

Let me hear your thoughts on this?

Ken King

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They are a monoply (zero competition) down here and you don't have much of a choice unless you do as you did and go to the dish.  


Sorry about that chief.
I am new to the area as well and very frustrated with GMP cable.  They had no knowledge of internet services at the local level.  I called the national tech support and it too was poor to say the best.  I am looking into DSL and a dish.  In Lex Park we get 47 channels, in my previous location we got 75 for the same price with better high speed internet.  Send an email to the county board at and let them know your displeasure with their service. Also you may want to check out for more information on possible changes to the local provider.  We can only hope things get better.


This is the WORST service I've ever seen.  I moved here from Jacksonville, FL where I paid less and got more.  I then moved to Calvert County and Comcast is just as bad as Continental.

I have seen some improvements in the service provided (NOT customer service) but then again it could not have gotten any worst!  :barf:

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