California Prosecutors Call Out George Soros For Meddling In Local D.A. Races


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Michele Hanisee, President of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys, warned of Soros’ ongoing attempts “to buy the criminal justice system” in a pair of editorials recently posted on the organization’s website:

Now, California is in the crosshairs of Soros funded campaigns that target District Attorney races in San Diego, Alameda, Yolo and Sacramento counties.

District Attorney elections used to be lightly financed campaigns largely focusing on personal qualifications. Definitions of criminal conduct and the proper penalties for that conduct were left to be decided in the political process by legislation or initiative… Soros has seized on District Attorney races to bypass the legislative process, seeking to elect candidates who support Soros’ political agenda and social views. A staple of these candidates is the promise not to enforce laws with which they disagree.

An example of this is the candidate Soros is now backing in San Diego County, who promises not to “enforce what we call the quality of life offenses”..

That candidate is Genevieve Jones-Wright, a deputy public defender who could effectively decriminalize low-level offenses - which she says disproportionately affect homeless people - by refusing to charge certain crimes. She also considers “mass incarceration” a “public health epidemic.” Her opponent is San Diego County Interim District Attorney Summer Stephan, who has been endorsed by several prosecutors in Southern California.

Mr. Soros recently contributed $1.5 million to a political action committee called California Justice & Public Safety, which is supporting Jones-Wright’s campaign.

California Prosecutors Call Out George Soros For Meddling In Local D.A. Races

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