Calvert scanner


happy to be living
Hi all. I was out of town for a few days and came home to the scanner not working. Sorry for any inconvenience.
When I got it booted back up, I am unable to block out utilities, jail, waste management and transportation.


happy to be living
:jameo: just heard a cop car rushing by and ........... oops :jameo:

An idiot hit and knocked down an electric pole and took down a fence with horses enclosed and took off on our road in Lusby...friends are glad their horses didn't get hit, hurt or loose. SMECO service was interrupted for about 6 hours but they did get a new pole up.
Scanner is up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


happy to be living
So sorry, we were out cutting up a tree in the road and both the internet and electric has been on and off all day.
Currently running on a cell connection and generator.


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An idiot hit and knocked down an electric pole.
It's AMAZING how many people hit power poles around here. Every time the power flickers for a few seconds, I automatically assume that another car hit a power pole. A few summers ago, I heard a large explosion while working outside. Drove out to Route 5 and sure enough, a lone minivan just drove off the road and smacked a power pole and blew up the transformer...middle of a sunny day. Coming home late one Friday night down RT 235 with a friend and came into an area around Mechanicsville where it was blacked out. I told her I bet that some knucklehead hit a power pole. Not more than a few more seconds later and there was a car head on into a power pole on a side road.