Campus Covid Craziness


They call me ... Sarcasmo
My son's school had what the administration considers an "outbreak" and the entire student body has been locked down for the week. 10 new cases on one week is their outbreak. No in person classes, all club and organization meetings cancelled, you can leave your dorm only to eat and for medical appointments. Seems that Columbus Day weekend was a big go home and party weekend, according to the parents on FB. As a school they have been doing fantastic, there has been a total of 23 positives and that includes this week's 10 new cases. My son is the most mellow, laid back kid you'd ever meet, hell the Dali Lama calls him when he is troubled. Anyway he is like , "meh, it's just a thing, all I can do is follow their rules, keep doing my school work and chill". The numbers as of yesterday puts their positivity rate at .00008% with a total of 34,119 tests administered. Herd immunity is going to come from the schools that did open and are in the process of opening.