can't hillbilly drunks have their own sport????? for crying out loud...


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Flipping through the channels this morning, I made a pit stop at ESPN. I was unaware there is a PROFESSIONAL BEANBAG TOSS LEAGUE. They have a logo, neato spandex leotards, custom tennis shoes and hordes of fans cramming into auditoriums. There are sports trainers, semi-clad cheerleaders and sports drink endorsers. So, I expected to see "Weird Beard" Johnson from Spitoon Missouri high on the scorecard.

No!!! Andre Hemphill and Tavon Carter-Lee, from Philly were in the National Play Offs . Tavon was ultimately ejected after he shot Wendy Hill, a crossover from the Trans Minor League Squad.

Cornhole...No longer for just out of shape Appalachians.

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On a trip to Vegas last year the National Corn Hole Tournament was going on. More embroidered bowling shirts than I have seen in 45 years.


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Wait till axe tossing surpasses corn hole & horse shoes as the national sport of red neck nation.

I bet you will get season tickets to root on the Bowie Broadaxes of the Mid Atlantic Sharp Objects Tossing League once they sign the premier chuckers from the DelMarVa.