Cant pay your bills?? Going broke?? Govt. Shutdown???


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Re-cap.....Due to circumstances, overblown by the current Administration, businesses closed, thousands of employees laid off, every American getting endless streams of cash, now an influx of refugees unchecked, jails emptied, we have a (an alleged) cash shortage. For the first time in American history, the Government will default!
President Depends is watching the three stooges, (no, not Moe , Larry and Curley) Nancy Alexandra and Chuckie stuffing their brassires with cash like Jack Johnsons wife.

Social Security recipients won't get their checks, minorities and women will suffer more and Haitians will be beat with cattle prods and whips.!!!!

Damn it guys, call OPTIMA TAX RELEIF!!. Hell, "Louie" hasn't paid taxes for 15 years, and the chubby lady's life "wasn't worth living" until they called OPTIMA TAX RELIEF.

so, if Fat Larry, Gavin Newsome and Maxine call them, our troubles will be over.