Can't view any archived threads?


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Just says, "Oops! We ran into some problems. The requested page could not be found."

Seems to only apply to archived threads after the new forum change.


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@Chris0nllyn There are no "archived threads" in this incarnation of the forums, so I assume you are referring to URLs from the old forums (vBulletin)?

I did not implement code to redirect the old /archive/ URLs since Search engines should not have ever indexed them and I didn't think they would appear anywhere else in the universe.

Please post the URL here and be sure to insert it inside of CODE tags
Also, please advise where you found reference to these old style URLs so I can take a look.

As a shortcut, you can manually convert the old URL to the new format by just extracting the ##### that appears in the old address and put it into this format:

The "abc" part doesn't matter (but something needs to be there), only the ".#####"
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