Carolina Kitchen--Brandywine


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Swung by there for the first time on Thurs pm.
Place was not crowded but they only had 2 servers on (a LOT of staff in the back)
So we waited 10 min,...surrounded by 70% empty tables.
Seated, AWESOME cornbread brought to the table. The waitress was accommodating and efficient--did a fine job.
After placing our order, it came rather quickly.

NEVER in all my Restaurant visits have I seen a "Full Rack" of ribs SOO huge-VERY meaty, and NOT dried out. The BBQ sauce was perfect, and it was so large, I brought about half of my portion home (after splitting it already with my better half). Sides were good (Pork & Beans were excellent!), though a little small(Cole slaw). Some refills on the menu bring an extra charge.
So, overall,...a B+. I hope they add a few more staff, and NOT bump up the prices much because Cheddars (just a stone's throw away) is better priced,-although portions at Carolina FILL the plates! Will visit again.