Cat Who Flew 10,000 Miles Goes Home

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Tue Jul 23, 8:00 AM ET

LONDON (AP) - Ozzy the cat is back home after accumulating plenty of frequent flier miles.

The feline clocked up 63,000 miles in 10 days after escaping from his cage on a flight from the Gulf state of Qatar to London and stowing away in the jet's tail.

Jonathan Boyd and Katie Deacon, who adopted Ozzy while working in the Qatari capital, Doha, paid $330 to fly him back to Britain on their return.

But when they arrived in London, they were told that he had gone missing from his cage somewhere between Doha and a stopover in Bahrain. British Airways staff searched everywhere, and even put up posters of the white and orange-flecked cat in Bahrain and Doha.

"We were pretty upset about it and I got angry," said Boyd, 26, last week.

Ten days after Ozzy went missing, he was found on the same plane, having made the 6,300-mile round trip between Qatar and London every day during his solo adventure.

"When they found him he was actually black with all the oil and grime on him," Boyd said. "He was very skinny and very nervous as well. He is a very lucky cat."

Airport officials believe 1-year-old Ozzy survived by snacking on airport workers' sandwiches when they were unloading the plane.