Charging your electric vehicle - a window to the wonder


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Fisker is set to unveil their Ocean SUV on Nov 17th. I sold my FSR stock at $19 but I expect it to go into the $30 range by the end of next week.


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Graphene is a highly conductive lattice of carbon only one atom thick. Pure graphene batteries are still too expensive to mass-produce, but the material can already accelerate the charging characteristics of traditional batteries when applied to an electrode in composite form. That’s the approach Elecjet is taking with its new 10,000mAh (40Wh) battery launching today on Indiegogo for $65.

In addition to a faster charge rate, Elecjet says the Apollo Ultra will last for more than 2,500 charging cycles before the battery drops below 80 percent health. That’s roughly four to five times longer than conventional lithium-ion battery packs, which would be good for both your wallet and the environment.

I can’t conceivably test the lifespan claim, but Elecjet did send me a review sample of the Apollo Ultra to validate the improved charging speed.
In short, the Apollo Ultra charges fast — incredibly fast, just as Elecjet claims.


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I mean I understand the allure of all the laboratory stuff and prototype stuff, but getting things that live in the real world where people actually buy things, it's a lot harder. And I know you don't get one without the other, but I certainly wouldn't invest based on lab stuff. Scale matters.