NASCAR Charlotte, Coke 600


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Race is:
Sunday, May 26
6:00pm/et (green flag 6:18pm/et)
Fox TV/PRN/SiriusXM is back and is very similar to the original format. Check it out.


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1 Kyle Busch
2 Logano
3 Truex jr
4 Harvick
5 Byron

Same drivers and positions from 2 weeks ago. I'm giving the pole sitter some love this week. Dropped the Kman for this race. Now watch him win the whole thing.

Good luck everyone.
  1. Ky. Busch
  2. Suarez
  3. Hamlin
  4. A. Dillon
  5. Hemric
Bold picks.
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With everyone picking the sames 3 or 4 drivers, why not be different. It's not like I've got money on it.
This is where having the bonus of getting them in the right finishing order comes in handy. Otherwise every gets more or less the same points unless they select the winner.

FWIW, I wish more drivers did better. I think last year taught me that there is an elite dozen or so drivers, then there is the rest of the pack.


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I put Keselowski on the bench in favor of Byron. Right now that is looking like a big mistake.