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Somebody told me that Chesapeake Bagel has closed its doors--both in Prince Frederick and in Lexington Park. Anybody know the full scoop?

Maybe Spyro's Bagels should consider expanding into St. Mary's to close the gap.

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I don't know why either. The one in Waldorf closed a year ago, so maybe their operation, at least regionally, is shutting its doors. It is a shame, I like going for a bagel now and then. In Waldorf, there used to be 3 bagel places, now only Einstein. At least there's one bagel place up there, now we'll have to rely on the local grocers down here, huh? :frown:


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I was never a big bagel person, so doesn't really matter.. Now, if they took away starbucks...

Speaking of empty buildings, is there any news about when the old Western Steer is coming down? It looked bad before, but now it is just getting worse and worse.. Hope it goes away soon!

One thing I think would do great here if near the base would be one of those drive-through coffee places.. Basically a little hut with a window on each side, can order different kinds of coffee and normally cheaper than starbucks, plus it is convenient.. Only problem is, not sure where something like this would go.. Normally you'll find them just in the parking lot of a stip mall, and the only good one based on location would be millison plaza.. But getting people in and out of there is kind of a pain.



I would expect that they'll do something with the Western Steer site soon. That location is simply too valuable to waste!

I like your idea of a drive through coffee place. For a minute, when I first read what you wrote, I thought you meant a place ON BASE (like at the gate) that you would drive through as you showed your badge. I can just imagine one of the marines saying, "Would you like sugar or cream with that?" :smile:


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Originally posted by SmallTown
... Speaking of empty buildings, is there any news about when the old Western Steer is coming down? It looked bad before, but now it is just getting worse and worse.. Hope it goes away soon!...
I heard they were turning it into a "pottery barn"


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Last I heard the old Western Steer (where I spend many of my high school years working part time) was going to be a Sheetz or a WaWa. I'm not sure now, though, I mean, both stores are already there not far up the road. :confused:


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The old Western Steer is supposed to be a WaWa. It is a direct jab at taking away some of the business from Sheetz at 235@Chancellors run Rd.

Think about the location - Leonardtown, Hollywood & north, Calvert commuters all merge at that intersection. A prime spot for coffee/snacks/breakfast/gas on the way to work. The only other spot on that side of the road headed to the base was the Sheetz.

No word yet on when it's going to happen.:bandit:


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...on the other hand....

I did visit a spot in Ft. Lauderdale once that would fit nice at that corner & would do a good business........a topless donut store! Just like a Dunkin Donuts, except the waitresses were topless!:cheers:

Yee Hah!!!:bandit:


OMG Voter I was at that donut shop before, it was called R Doughnuts.

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As a few people have stated on here before, the original plan for Western Steer was a Sheetz or Wa Wa, but they could not get approval for the amount of gas pumps a Sheetz or Wa Wa require, so that deal evidently fell through. I'm sure there is plenty of interest in that spot, but one thing may be others cannot come up w/ the dough that Sheetz or Wa Wa were going to pay for it.

I also heard an offer was made to land owners directly across the street from Western Steer on the northbound 235 side from a regular gas company, like Exxon or something. I think I heard about a $3 million offer, but don't know any more.