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My brother had either a 68 or 69. (Don't quite remember. I was only 6-7 at time.)

It's a shame the things you give up when you get married and have kids.
Mine was a '65 Impala SS covertable. I sold that right before we bought our house. I did manage to get my hands on a '59 Belaire or Biscayne 2 door post car, but things got tight and that too, was sold for the house. Now I have none of the three. My new flame is a '79 K10 short stepside that will be with me til the end.
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Again that was called a PONY car, not a muscle car even if it did have muscle. Whoever is narrating wasn't there, I was. Loved going to Sox and Martin super car clinics at Ewell Chrysler in Glen Burnie and Doug Griffiths.