Chicago security guard stabbed 27 times after asking shoppers to mask up amid coronavirus


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The suspects' lawyer said it was in self-defense

After a Chicago security guard asked two shoppers to put on coronavirus masks in his store, they allegedly punched him, pulled his hair and stabbed him more than two dozen times.

The suspects, a pair of sisters, allegedly pounced on the 32-year-old victim at Snipes on the city’s west side Sunday, after he asked them to wear masks and use hand sanitizer.

A court-appointed attorney for the women said the stabbing was self-defense and that both sisters have bipolar disorders.

In August, in an effort to protect frontline workers, Illinois made it a felony to attack retail and restaurant employees who enforce coronavirus mask rules.

They need to be put down like rabid dogs.


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The new excuse, bi-polar disorder. Piece of crap is more like it.
The dude in Lancaster, the guy from Philly and these sisters. All have "mental issues" and their weapon of choice is a knife. In order for this to fly BOTH sisters would have to be having an 'episode' at the same time.

I can hear the defense now, "Your honor these bitches be crazy but if they wanted to kill the guard they would have used a bigger knife."


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The new excuse, bi-polar disorder. Piece of crap is more like it.
In reality, it's high levels of testosterone combined with poor impulse control. Sort of like a mini roid rage episode. Lots of published material on those 2 factors. Those studies make for interesting reading.