Child Tax Credit: American Rescue Plan

Received email from MD Comptroller on the subject. I do not have dependent aged children, so this does not apply to me. However, just curious if those that are recipient found this to be a help or a burden.

Recipients of Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments Should Watch Out for IRS Letter
Monthly payments will affect only federal taxes, not state returns
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (January 10, 2022) - As Marylanders begin to gather documents for the 2021 tax year, Comptroller Peter Franchot reminds those who received monthly advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments last year to be on the lookout for IRS letter 6419.
The Internal Revenue Service is sending out this important notice to help taxpayers report their advance payments correctly and so they can claim the remaining half of the CTC on their federal return. Using the amounts in the IRS letter can help taxpayers quickly file tax returns and avoid processing delays that impact refund payments.
Changes to the Child Tax Credit were part of the American Rescue Plan and affects only your federal taxes, not your state tax return.
The letter 6419 is the official IRS document that has details needed to report the advanced CTC payments. This letter will show:
  • The total aggregate amount of advance CTC payments received in 2021. This information will be used on IRS schedule 8812, lines 14f or 15e, as applicable.
  • The number of qualifying children taken into account in determining the advanced CTC.
In addition to the details above, the letter 6419 outlines how the IRS determined the payment amounts and the conditions of repayment.
Anyone who received at least one advance Child Tax Credit payment from July to December 2021 will receive a 6419 letter even if payments were stopped at some point.
If you don’t receive a letter, taxpayers also can check the amount of your payments by using the CTC Update Portal available on
For more information about the 2021 Child Tax Credit, visit

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"Changes to the Child Tax Credit were part of the American Rescue Plan and affects only your federal taxes, not your state tax return"

Yeah.. not THIS year! I am sure MD will count it towards your income for NEXT year though.


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You know I have a great deal of empathy for children of poor parents, we grew up on the poor side, I'm well acquainted with government cheese and garage sale shopping. There were seven of us kids with my dad being the only bread winner in the family and him at the time being a car painter for GM. Our "social safety net" was my grandparents living close. Dad went to training to become an electrician, working his way up from apprentice to journeyman and eventually master electrician. At this time robots were a new thing in the automotive business and very few people wanted to work on them. Partly because they were from Japan and were installed by Japanese technicians and Detroit was a very insular city when it came to Orientals, partly because a lot of people just don't want to learn new things. Anyways dad learned to fix robots and eventually program them, got a lot of big raises (unfortunately after I'd moved out) and has a very nice retirement. Yes it's difficult to start out poor, but this country does make it possible to move beyond that without the government having to subsidize your family planning decisions.


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Does anyone know if those people who DO have qualifying children but DID NOT accept an early payment still have to wait for this tax form before filing?