Chocolate Lovers: Get It While You Can

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~*~ Rara Avis ~*~
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A blistering rally on cocoa markets is starting to hit the wallets of chocolate lovers, with prices of pure, rich products climbing the most.

Addicts who savor the intense semi-sweet taste of chocolate with high cocoa content are likely to shell out more in coming months as speculators show no signs of curbing a buying frenzy that has kept cocoa prices hovering at 15-year highs.

Prices of other sweets with chocolate coatings, however, are less affected since cocoa is only a fraction of the total contents, while in Germany a price war and weak economy has forced makers to swallow the extra costs.

"The way it looks now we will have to raise our prices considerably again next year," said an official at Dutch premium chocolate maker Droste, which raised prices by four percent earlier this year.


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