Christmas Spread


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You know other than barefoot contessa most recipes I get always need a little tweaking. I always follow them to the T first go around and then fix as needed.

Let me know how it turns out. It sounds like it will be very unique and memorable Christmas meal :yay:

I tweak a recipe as I go. :lol: I think BG's meal sounds yummy. I knew I should have bought that fondue pot I saw on sale. :ohwell:


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I'm not sure who will be over for Christmas. In years past, I always had the Christmas feed-on at my house, but this year my sister and I traded Thanksgiving for Christmas, so she has the big shabang this time around.

So, the shabu shabu/fondue thing will be for nine of us, I think.

Oh, and I have absolutely no problem trying out new recipes for the first time on guests. I can't hardly thing of a time where I didn't do that. My risks always seem to turn out great. :lol:

I don't think it is possible for you to make a bad dish. :smile:
If you mean prepared and served, no place around here meets my approval. If you happen to be in Charlottesville VA, stop at the Aberdeen. :yay: There's also one down in Williamsburg. They make a great prime rib.


Just came from there. As always, great atmosphere, excellent wait staff, excellent food. Everything that everyone ordered was done exactly the way it was requested and not one complaint from 8 of us.

My prime rib was rare, with a great aus jus, and fresh grated horseradish. Tender, juicy, delicious. Man, I wish they had a restaurant closer to home.